Base station in Norway

Telenor Infra is a national provider of telecom infrastructure in Norway, developing and building future mobile networks while also operating and managing today’s infrastructure. Although Telenor Infra is a young company, it has industry-leading knowledge within telecom engineering.

Telenor Infra is wholly owned by Telenor Group and from 1 September 2021 a part of Telenor Tower Holding AS. Infra offers services such as colocation, data centre facilities and emergency power to small and large customers.

Telenor Infra aims to provide the world’s best network to its customers. This means ensuring that Infra works in a smart and flexible way, with a dynamic structure, focusing on optimising and modernising operations.

Key facts about Telenor Infra

  • Fully-owned subsidiary of Telenor Group

  • Approximately 16 000 sites around Norway

  • Total revenue of NOK 1652 million (2020)

  • Headquarters in Fornebu, Norway

  • CEO: Christina Endresen

Historical background

On 1 January 2020 Telenor Infra was established as a new entity to manage and operate passive infrastructure in Norway, optimising operational performance and exploring further commercial opportunities. The establishment of Infra combined teams from three previous operating entities from Telenor Norway, Norkring (Broadcast) and Telenor Real Estate.

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