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Norwegian Transparency Act

Telenor ASA’s account of due diligence for 2022 pursuant to the Norwegian Transparency Act is accessible on pages 50-53 (Human Rights) in its latest annual report: Annual Report 2022.pdf.

Telenor ASA and its Norwegian-based subsidiaries who meet the criteria as set out in section 3 (Definitions) of the law are covered by the act. The Norwegian-based subsidiaries are included in Telenor ASA’s account, unless otherwise specified.

Telenor’s human rights statement and supplementary information is available here: Managing human rights – Telenor Group

On 1 July 2022, the Norwegian Transparency Act entered into force.

The law provides that companies should:

  • Carry out human rights due diligence in its own business and value chain

  • Publicly account for its due diligence, including its procedures and identified risks

  • Provide information upon request

Right to Information

Section 6 (Right to information) requires companies to respond to requests from the general public on how the company is managing actual or potential human rights impacts across its organization and supply chain. Telenor has established a process for receiving and managing such requests.

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Do you want to learn more about the Norwegian Transparency Act?

You can read the legislation here, and learn more on the Norwegian Consumer Authority’s website.