Responsible Business

We focus on responsible business practices across all of our markets. Guided by international standards and our operational experience we work systematically to address risks and to maximise the positive impact of our business. Our approach is continuous improvement.

Human Rights

The Telenor Group believes that telecommunications enables exchange of ideas and access to information. We also recognize that we do face human rights challenges in markets where we operate. Respect and continuous improvement are therefore important parts of our approach to human rights.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Telenor has zero tolerance for corruption. Our ethical standards promote proper business practices and reflect relevant laws, regulations and internationally recognised standards.

Privacy and Data Security

Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply Chain Sustainability (SCS) is a key focus area for Telenor where we aim to build our competitive advantage through setting high requirements to our suppliers and following up with inspection and risk mediation.

Our Contribution

Telenor contributes to society in many ways, such as through direct value creation, employment, investments and indirectly via taxes.  We also believe that our innovative use of digital communication can help improve people’s lives, close the inequality gap and empower societies.

Labour Rights and Standards

Telenor is committed to respecting labour rights principles as laid down in UN Global Compact and ILO’s fundamental conventions.

Environment and Health

Our partners

To ensure effective corporate responsibility it is essential that we identify and work with strong partners and through well-functioning networks. We have therefore established good working relationships with numerous global and government agencies, non-governmental organisations and industry partners.

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