Two workers at a base station in Thailand

Telenor’s commitment to raising standards for our employees and across our supply chains means putting health, safety and security at the top of our agenda. That is why we have developed a systematic approach to the way we manage health, safety and people security (HS&S) both internally and externally.

Overall ambition

The safety and wellbeing of Telenor employees and suppliers is our priority. We want everyone to go home safely.

We focus on identifying, eliminating and managing work-related hazards and risks and aim to be among the leaders in our industry within this area. Our ambition is that health, safety and well-being are fully embedded in our business. Our focus going forward is:

  1. Achieving zero fatalities

  2. Increasing the health and safety competence of all employees, including leaders’ safety leadership

  3. Improving the health and safety reporting with focus on near misses and observations

  4. Improving the health and safety management of suppliers

Systematic approach to health and safety

Telenor has one common approach to the way we work with HS&S internally and towards our suppliers. We work systematically to ensure improved performance within this area. Telenor has established a comprehensive internal reporting system to monitor our HS&S performance and progress, as well as to facilitate benchmarking towards our peers.

Health, safety and security status and ambition

As of September 2021, Telenor has experienced two work related fatal incidents in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Both these fatal incidents were related to road transportation. Telenor is also experiencing several serious injuries reported resulting in lost time and medical treatment. They are related to road transport, work at height and dropped objects.

Telenor has experienced an increased number of fatalities and serious incidents related to network operations and sales distribution in our Asian business units. In Asia, road transportation and work at height remains a challenge, and is amongst Telenor’s highest HS&S risk. Telenor is implementing requirements for the activities representing the highest risk to better control them.

In 2020, the Sickness Absence Rate (SAR) for Telenor Group decreased slightly to 1.57, compared to 1.85 in 2019. The SAR continues to be lower in the Asian countries and higher in the Scandinavian countries. Variations in reported data based on different local and national procedures and regulations related to sickness reporting is acknowledged. Telenor will continue to work with partners and vendors to monitor and implement health and safety measures and provide proactive support in HS&S matters.

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