Telenor Shared Services AS

Alternative descriptive text

Telenor Shared Services AS is Telenor’s global business services organisation, delivering business-critical back-office systems and services to the Telenor Group worldwide.

Our agenda is about cloud enablement, digitalisation, automation, and touch-free operations, delivered by a team of highly qualified experts.

Our purpose is to deliver secure IT, HR, and Financial services globally. Supporting the Telenor Technology strategy by embracing Cloud First and Automation by Design principles bringing the benefits of scalability, reliability, and efficiency to all Telenor companies globally. We handle the back-office, so the operating companies can focus on their core business.

Our main services are within HR, Finance & Accounting, Call centers, virtual agents, Real Estate, Facility Management and Enterprise IT - like end-user computing, collaboration & productivity tools, ERP, integrations, and process automation.

Key facts about Telenor Shared Services AS

  • Customers: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

  • Employees: 336

  • Cloud enabled services: 90%

  • NPS (2021): 77%

  • Telenor Automation TFO Index: 85%

  • Technology Partners: Microsoft, Google, AWS

  • Established: 2001

  • Office locations: Oslo, Norway and Islamabad, Pakistan

  • CEO: Morten Dean Dunham

Historical background

Telenor Shared Services has been delivering business-critical back-office systems and services to the Telenor Group for more than 20 years. Our constantly renewed technology – now almost fully cloud based and scalable - have led us to a position where we are ready to offer our services also externally – outside of Telenor.

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