Recruitment Process & FAQ

Telenor has a global footprint, connecting talent with opportunities across different markets. To stay close to the local talent, and be able to best approach and engage them, we only set global directions, but our Business Units have their own local steps. (Please note that we recruit for senior and executive roles on a global level and might follow different steps from those listed below).

Recruitment Process

However, we adhere to the same key principles in how we find our future colleagues:

We all follow the same key principles on how we find our future colleagues:

  1. We are committed to our equal opportunity policy at every selection stage. We believe that diverse voices lead to more profound conversations, solutions and results.
  2. We hire people who are passionate about our Vision, motivated by our Mission and live up to our Values. Therefore we put high emphasis on finding the right personality to our team.
  3. We hire people for their talents, and give them opportunities to shape their own future careers. During the hiring process, we try to get evidence of the skills the candidates have – and use competence based interviewing techniques.
  4. Your privacy is important to us. We will process personal data at any time in accordance with local privacy laws and regulations. This is based on a voluntary, explicit and informed consent from you. For more details about privacy of your personal data, click here.
  5. Our ambition is that all candidates who get in touch with Telenor have a good experience, whether or not we sign a deal. We try to ensure this by following fair and transparent evaluation criteria, rational timelines and with frequent communications throughout the full process. We generally aim to close all positions within 8 weeks of advertisement; however, this timeframe varies greatly depending on job profile, the number of applications and the location. If you apply to one of our positions, we might reach out to you with a survey to see how your overall experience with us was.

The recruiter mentioned in the specific job advert can be contacted for job related details or more specifics on local selection.

If you have further questions on global direction on how we attract talent to Telenor, you can reach out to us at Feel free to use this channel also to share your feedback with us!

Behind the curtains

Before we post any career opportunity, we conduct a thorough job analysis, which allows us to match our strategic business ambitions to a certain set of skills. If we don’t find the right profile in-house, we look outside of Telenor, by publishing the vacancy for external talent. Sometimes we do this internal and external search in parallel to save time. The job advert covers the job profile and allows you to choose the opportunity most aligned with your profile and career ambitions.


To hire the best talent, our jobs are posted on various channels. No matter where you will meet our job ad, all applications are handled by our central recruitment system (an Application Tracking System powered by Workday) enabling us to maintain your application for future related openings while making it easier for you to apply to additional roles using your profile on our system. In some cases, your application may have been received as a referral from an internal employee or an external agency which recommends you for a certain job.


Certified recruiters review the applications received (we might also use automated pre-screening by our recruitment software) and create a shortlist of candidates for hiring manager’s review. The key to making to this next round is your profile fit against the job description. We also emphasize on building a diverse team to amalgamate a beautiful mix of culture, background and experience. See here for details on our diversity and inclusion focus.

First Interview

We typically invite the top 5- 10 applicants to a first round of interviews which is mostly face-to-face with HR and the manager of the hiring unit. Phone and video interviews are also employed in some cases.  We aim to understand your profile better in this interview as well as assess cultural fit with Telenor. You also get an opportunity to ask questions related to the job and your potential new team. As a start, click here for a glimpse of our business strategy that sets the tone for interview questions.


Many positions will include a testing phase customized to the job role. You can expect tests from full day assessment centers to take home case studies or online psychometric tests (e.g. SHL or Cut-e) depending on role requirements. You can refer here to review the values we test for.

Second Interview

We would invite 2-3 shortlisted candidates to a second round of interviews usually with a panel comprising of hiring manager, HR and a stakeholder for a deeper exploration of mutual fit. In some cases, there might be more rounds of interviews, where future peers would also be involved.

Background and reference checks

As a responsible employer that observes strict ethical norms, we may run background and reference checks to ensure our new colleagues have a strong record of high integrity and come with solid recommendations.

Final selection

We make our final selection based on consolidated feedback from all interviews, including the stakeholders, by carefully comparing the candidate profile, test and interview performance, reference checks, cultural fit with Telenor and the immediate job requirements. What we look for is someone who has a mindset to work “with” Telenor as opposed to “for” Telenor and demonstrate strong business curiosity with a will to make a difference backed by solid subject matter knowledge.

We usually give the candidates from final interview round feedback on the selection decision.

Offer and contracting

If you make it to the final stage, we will make you an official job offer which you can accept on our central recruitment system. Your acceptance of this offer triggers the final contracting stage.


Based on a shared joining date, we will welcome you to the Telenor family and launch the start of your exciting new career. In the local business units we take you through everything else you need to know and will provide you with the tools, so that you can start doing what you do best in an inspiring, hassle-free innovative environment.


FAQs- Recruitment Process

Are all job advertisements current?

As long as a role is published on our career page, you can assume it is still current. However, some job portals take our job ads from our career page independently and thus we are unable to ensure the accuracy of their actual status. It’s always best to check here!

Can I send my resume via fax, mail or e-mail?

We kindly ask that you do not send your CV via fax, mail or e-mail, as it will make it easier and more efficient for us to manage the process through our central applicant tracking system Workday. Please apply by clicking on the apply button in the advertisement.

How do I apply for a position at Telenor?

You can find all open positions on our career site: click here for a global list of all vacancies that can be filtered by country, company and/or job category.  Once you find a position suited to your ambitions, click ‘Apply’. You can apply either by using your LinkedIn profile or by registering a profile in our central application tracking system, Workday, where we store all personal data of applicants in line with our terms and conditions. We kindly ask not to send your CV to our publicly available e-mail addresses that are reserved for raising a generic enquiry only.

Separately, we actively reach out to talents who have not applied for vacancies (i.e. searching for passive candidates). If mutual interest, we would ask for written consent to store your personal data in Workday or alternatively would ask you to formally apply for the job.

How do I find the closing date for applications?

You will find the closing date for applications at the bottom of job ads. However, if we come across the right number and quality of applicants sooner, the application process may be closed earlier than the original deadline. We encourage you to apply when you notice the ad.

What if I am interested in multiple positions? Can I apply for more than one position?

Sure – please apply for each position that matches your interest, experience and the requirements as specified by the position. Your application will be considered for each job which you apply for. However, we encourage you to customize each of your applications to a given position, highlighting your most relevant skills and experience areas.

Can I register an account without applying for a position?

No, unfortunately an open application is not accepted. You can register an account when applying for the first time. In doing so, you will also be registered as a potential candidate for other positions and we might reach out to you unless you withdraw your consent for us to do so.

What is the benefit of creating a candidate account in Workday?

If you create a candidate account, you will be able to check the status of any pending applications on your candidate home page. You can also search for more available positions and view notifications. For example, we might ask you to provide us with some additional information or might also reach out to you to discuss a job that seems to be matching your qualifications and skills.

What’s the minimum requirement for submitting a job application?

You will find specific requirements for each job. However, to be able to submit an application, the basic contact information is the only thing required (name, email, phone number). A CV, and a customized cover letter adds great value and will help to emphasize your motivation, enthusiasm, and qualifications for a job.

In what format can I upload documents, and is there a maximum size?

There are many supported file formats such as pdf, doc, docx, html or txt files. There is a file size limit of total 5 MB. Please consider what attachments would add value to your application, considering the job requirements and upload only relevant documents.

Can I register for automated notification about new positions on your career site?

Regretfully, you can’t. However, if you are interested in our openings, you can follow Telenor Group’s LinkedIn career page. If you are our follower, our job postings will be shown in your newsfeed. Based on your profile, LinkedIn will also send you e-mail about „Jobs you might be interested in”.

Will I get informed when a job has been filled?

We notify each candidate about the outcome of the application; however, we do not e-mail all applicants when a job has been filled. You can track the overall process status when you log in to the candidate home screen (accessible from the career site).

Who can see my applicant profile?

By default, your profile is visible only to the responsible recruiter and colleagues involved in the selection process. If you explicitly opt to make your profile available, other Telenor recruiters will be able to search our database using relevant keywords, and could access your application profile in this way too.

What if I apply from another country?

Telenor has a global footprint and we will be happy to receive global applications. For successful applicants remotely located, interviews are typically done over phone/video channels. The process varies by job requirements, work location, and your current location. The recruiter responsible for a given job will assist you in this process.

After submitting my application, can I edit my information or add anything?

If you would like to make changes, please reach out to the indicated contact person/recruiter so that they can edit the application on your behalf in our system.

Can I withdraw my application from my account?

Please contact us if you no longer wish to be considered for the position(s) you have applied for and we will remove your application accordingly.

How do I delete my profile data?

Please visit this page for information regarding storage of your data. You can ask us to remove your personal data by sending an email to

What do I do if I get into technical issues before completing the application?

Please restart your browser and try again. (Except for old versions of Internet Explorer, the browser type should make no difference.) If you are still not able to complete your application, you can reach out to the recruiter handling the given selection process. The recruiter’s contact information should be available in the job posting. If you don’t find it, you can also use the mail address, but please note that this is a global mail address, so turnaround time will be a bit longer, as we need to coordinate internally.