Customers & competition

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The customers and competition research area is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of economists, engineers and media scientists who have a passion for technology, data and the use of insight to better understand society.

Within the customers and competition research area, Telenor focuses on behavioural economics, competition economics, customer analytics and the SmartLife survey that investigates the relationship between technology and society.

Our focus areas

In Behavioural Economics we are working to understand the consumers’ behavioural biases and how we act as a business. We have a formal partnership with the FAIR Centre of Excellence at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

In Competition Economics we work to understand the competitive environment around Telenor. This includes regulation, competition law and competitive strategy.

In Customer analytics we work systematically to identify opportunities to employ analytical tools that will positively impact our relationship with the customers. We work on questions such as: How can we measure customer satisfaction? How are chatbots perceived and how can the experience be improved? How can we analyse customer interactions as customer journeys?

In the SmartLife survey we are investigating the interaction between technology and society, how they interact and influence each other. Privacy has been a big topic, but we have also looked at digital well-being, communication habits, music and online dating apps.

Key partners

The Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality (FAIR) is an important partner for Telenor. Within the research agenda for FAIR Business, we aim to improve our understanding of how fairness considerations can affect business opportunities.

SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations. Our collaboration with SINTEF revolves around using analytics for customer interactions. We have worked together to better understand customers’ use of chatbots and how customer journeys can be transformed into digital interactions.

Our projects

SmartLife is an ongoing Telenor Research project that aims to develop knowledge and conduct research on how customers interact with technology and how technology shapes the customers’ lives. Communication habits, digital well-being and trust are topics that we have investigated. The methods used are a combination of surveys, qualitative studies and experimental methods.

One particularly important topic within the SmartLife project is privacy. With the advent of the smartphone came the possibility to share large amounts of data about your life. Things that previously were completely private, such as a stroll on the beach, are no longer as private when posted on social media, for example. How customers respond to this level of transparency in their lives is the focus for this research.

Competition economics and telecommunication regulation has long been on the research agenda. The Telenor Research team has worked for several years to understand the commercial impact of net neutrality rules on product offerings from a theoretical perspective, in parallel with Telenor planning its commercial offerings.

Customer analytics is exploring how to use data to better understand the customer. Smart journey mining is a collaboration with SINTEF, taking the customer journey framework into the digital world. In addition, our analysis of chatbots strives to improve Telenor’s understanding of how customers interact with chatbots.


Gorm Grønnevet

VP, Telenor Research

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