Anti-corruption in Supply Chain and Third Party Relations

Integrity is a vital part of Telenor’s business. We recognize that our business partners, whether new investments, partners, agents, consultants, contractors or suppliers, will be associated with Telenor. Due care shall be exercised to the selection and use of business partners to ensure compliance with Telenor’s ethical standards. Telenor has implemented mandatory requirements for screening and conducting integrity due diligence assessments (IDD) of our business partners.

All suppliers and parties that have a direct contractual relationship with Telenor and offer products or services to Telenor are legally obliged to uphold responsible business practice, and adhere to our Supplier Conduct Principles (SCP). An Agreement on Responsible Business Conduct legally obliges the supplier to comply with the SCP and certain requirements set out in the Agreement. These principles set out the minimum standards that we expect to see achieved over time, including on ethics and anti-corruption. The Suppliers are also obliged to maintain an effective anti-corruption programme designed to ensure compliance with applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations. The programme shall be proportionate to the risks faced by the Supplier and shall include procedures to monitor compliance and detect and address violations.

Anti-corruption is part of the regular preventive work in this area and supplier engagement and supplier training & awareness activities in various forms takes place in the local markets Telenor monitor compliance through a systematic, risk-based approach, which may include both announced and unannounced site visits.

stand-together-against-corruption-reportTelenor is active in international fora to discuss and find solutions to common challenges facing the industry. One of the key achievements last year was a guide to help preventing corruption in the supply chain, developed by UN Global Compact and Telenor with inputs from UNGC Advisory Group members. The guide is used in supplier training and outlines preventive measures companies are encouraged to have in place to minimize corruption risk.

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Our challenges

Telenor Group is a multinational company with operations in very different markets. Some of these markets rank high on indexes such as Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. Telenor has developed a robust ethical platform with zero tolerance on corruption. Telenor’s governing documents set one single standard which shall govern all business activities, regardless of where such activities take place. We acknowledge however that our ethical standard cannot be achieved without addressing local differences. All Business Units have a responsibility to assess local risks and challenges. Local policies and manuals shall ensure that such risks are managed in accordance with Telenor’s zero tolerance-policy.

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