Internet of Things

A world of opportunities awaits with IoT. As one of the world's largest IoT operators and providers of solutions in several markets, Telenor IoT is here to help you explore it.

IoT city

The world is more connected than ever before. Through the Internet of Things (IoT), we’re not only connected to each other, we’re also connected to the objects and devices designed to make our lives easier. This has led to major shifts within both the consumer and industry markets.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of products to the internet so they can communicate with each other, a company or users. Telenor is one of the world’s largest IoT operators and delivers IoT solutions in several markets.

The IoT creates opportunities for entirely new kinds of products, as well as new services and business models. It can open up completely new business opportunities, such as vehicle sharing, enable cost savings or increased efficiency by autonomous operation of vehicles and machinery, help create better products based on real user data, or help monitor supply chains, which has been especially important during the Covid pandemic.

In the rapidly expanding smart cities marketplace, there is a growing need for connected solutions that support the management of urban infrastructure, parking and traffic, electric vehicle charging, waste handling, information sharing and security services.

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Trusted IoT solutions from one of the world’s leading mobile operators

We help our customers design, implement and operate IoT solutions that connect devices, machines, people and places.

The foundation of our IoT services are the world-class mobile networks that we operate in markets across the world. By rolling out IoT-specific capabilities in these networks, including LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G, we enable the coverage and quality of service needed by the IoT use cases of the future.

Telenor launches nationwide IoT network over 4G

We have IoT solutions for companies of all sizes, from customised global enterprise solutions to smart, cost-effective packaged solutions for mid-sized regional companies and local businesses. This enables industry-leading players to connect their products and services on a local or global scale across every vertical, in both public and private networks.

We provide our customers with the most well-proven and reliable IoT services on the market, and our outstanding performance and reach are backed by expert customer support.

Roam the world with one solution

With access to over 500 high-quality mobile networks in more than 200 countries, our customers can easily manage IoT connectivity in one or multiple countries. The global SIM card allows the solution to be standardised, no matter where the product is sold or used. With just one standardised global SIM, one point of contact and dedicated, 24/7 support from connectivity experts, our customers easily skip the frustration and complexity of buying IoT SIMs from a different network operator in each market.

We tailor profiles to customers’ needs, and customers can manage and review SIMs in real time. This ensures top class service performance as well as cost efficiency.

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