IoT makes sure it’s never too cold – or warm – for ice cream

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Gelato may be the last thing on our minds in much of the northern hemisphere at this time of year, but it’s always ice cream season somewhere. That’s where Telenor Connexion’s IoT Cloud solutions come in. With Connexion’s IoT services, Isa, a leading manufacturer of refrigerated cabinets for ice cream and pastry new cabinets, can keep its business customers’ gelato cases connected… and our ice cream perfectly cold.

At Sigep in Rimini, Italy, this past week Telenor Connexion’s client, ISA, presented a new line of professional, connected gelato refrigerated display cabinets, taking the food service industry into the world of digitalization and automated processes. It’s the latest example of how next generation platforms and the Internet of Things are starting to make life easier – and ice cream more delicious – for all of us.

The connected gelato cases enable owners to set temperature warnings, schedule maintenance and even keep the ice cream looking good; they’ve got built-in cameras, computer vision and AI capabilities to help retailers assure their gelato is always displayed perfectly. The real-time video image is compared to pre-defined display parameters related to visual appeal and HCAAP safety standards. If the gelato on display is not up to standard, an alert is sent to the operator dashboard so changes can be made. Retailers can also track sales improvements based on the AI monitoring.

Custom gelato displays at the ISA and Telenor Connexion booth at Sigep in Rimini, Italy this past week.
Custom gelato displays at the ISA and Telenor Connexion booth at Sigep in Rimini, Italy this past week.

End to end IoT services

Behind the connectivity technology that makes all of this possible, Telenor Connexion, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, also took part at Sigep, sharing insights on how manufacturers can quickly and profitably rollout IoT solutions. Global connectivity from Telenor Connexion, the dedicated IoT company within Telenor Group, enables the ISA cabinets to connect to mobile networks in any market around the world. A custom backend solution built on the Telenor Connexion Managed IoT Cloud allows ISA’s customers to remotely track and monitor status of the display cases. The data visualization dashboard is clear and easy to customize, including the setting of thresholds and automated triggers.

ISA and Telenor Connexion showcase smart gelato display cases at Sigep expo in Rimini, Italy
SA and Telenor Connexion showcase smart gelato display cases at Sigep expo in Rimini, Italy

Telenor Connexion works in conjunction with a wide partner ecosystem, including hardware suppliers and IT integrators, to provide their customers with an end-to-end support for IoT solutions.

A global solution to meet global demand

While gelato has deep roots in Italy, the love for this special style of ice cream has spread around the world, and gelaterias are only gaining in popularity. ISA serves this global market with the Italian craftsmanship of their gelato cabinets, strengthened with IoT connectivity that works out-of-box, anywhere in the world, summer or winter.

“The Telenor Connexion Global Connectivity solution supports ISA in our efforts to meet the global demand for gelato display cabinets. With our smart display cabinets, we can help our customer serve the perfect product which lives up to the Italian standards that consumers want to experience, no matter if the gelateria is located in New York, Shanghai or Rome,” says Stefano Menghini, R&D of ISA.

“ISA’s connected gelato cabinets exemplify how manufacturers can leverage connectivity to offer customers a more modern, automated product, while increasing aftermarket revenue and strengthening research and development for new products,” says Dean Woods, Chief Sales Officer at Telenor Connexion.

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