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Our people and organisation research is designed to support managers in their decision-making related to employees and the organisation of work. Our overall goal is to achieve higher employee well-being and performance, so that we are always at our best in serving our customers.

As part of Telenor’s people and organisation research, we seek to understand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the employees. From there, we are continually devising actions to mitigate negative effects and help us prepare for post-pandemic working life. Through our research, we use machine learning models to predict voluntary turnover and to automate routine tasks. We look at text analytics to analyse and understand employee sentiment and concern in written feedback. In addition, we conduct studies on the impact of different financial incentive schemes related to motivation and performance among sales and customer agents.

Our projects

Accelerating Organisational Modernisation

This is a strategic Telenor Group project that aims to understand the impact of Covid-19 on the organisation and to help Telenor’s business units prepare for the transition to more flexible ways of work post-pandemic.

Innovation analytics

This project is conducted in collaboration with the University of Oslo. Its purpose is to analyse how Telenor invests in innovation and assess the value impact of those investments.

AI in HR

This project aims to develop machine learning models in the human resources (HR) area for prediction and automation of tasks.

Our partners

University of Bocconi: Collaboration on organisation research, Covid-19 impact

Norwegian School of Economics (NHH): Collaboration on organisation research, Covid-19 impact

University of Oslo: Collaboration on innovation analytics

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