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Digitalisation drives changes in all industries, and established business models are under pressure. 5G, Cloud Computing, AI, and IoT are key technologies that are creating new business opportunities.

Customers demand new digital services and expect to be served and interact digitally with service providers. Digital technologies also give rise to new opportunities to refine revenue and price models, and we also see that customers expect companies to use digital technologies to automate and operate cost-efficiently to keep their prices competitive. To reap the full benefits for customers and society, Telenor aims to partner with other companies and form new ecosystems. This requires Telenor, as with most companies, to innovate its business model.

Our work

Telenor Research looks into the driving forces that shape and change companies’ business models, with a particular focus on the implications of digitalisation. This research is combined with investigations into business model innovation and how to manage organisational change.

An outcome of the research is predictions as to how the change and restructuring of the telco industry is likely to unfold over the coming decade. In addition, our findings suggest short-term actions that Telenor can take to proactively stay at the forefront. This involves development of new business models to provide 5G and IoT-enabled services to the business market, and new digital ways to serve the consumers. The required business model innovation involves new partnerships with other companies and business customers where solutions have interdependencies and information is shared in real-time. To help Telenor executives to drive business model innovation, Telenor Research has developed an executive training course in business modelling.

Our collaborations

Telenor is working closely with Norwegian School of Economics, NHH, to carry out research on business models, ecosystems and organisational implications. This is done through NHH’s research centre for Digital Innovation for Growth (DIG).

To help partners and customers, Telenor is, together with NHH, the founding partner of the Digital Transformation Hub (the HUB@NHH).

Telenor Research is also sharing its research insights with other companies through executive education offered by NHH.

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Dr Frank Elter

Vice President and Chief Scientist, Telenor Research

Telenor Group