Health Safety and People Security

We provide a safe and secure workplace for all employees and our suppliers.

What we need to know

We all have a responsibility to provide a healthy, safe and secure workplace for all employees, suppliers and visitors

We recognise a shared commitment and responsibility to ensure the health, safety and well-being in our operations and throughout our value chain

We comply with international and local HS&S legislation and guidelines, and aim to perform to the highest standards within this area

We promote as one of our core values a proactive work culture of engagement and commitment towards the health, safety and well-being of employees and everyone who works for us

We promote a culture of proactive HS&S incident reporting from employees and suppliers

What is expected of all of us

We are conscious of our work environment, act responsibly and are accountable for our own actions

We proactively foster a safety culture and collaborate with our suppliers in identifying and mitigating health, safety and security risks

We make ourselves aware of potential risks in our workplace and continuously work to minimise any hazards to the health, safety - and well-being of our employees and business partners

We ensure that incidents, near-misses, unsafe acts and conditions are reported regardless of their severity for lessons learned and continuous improvement

We immediately stop and report unsafe work

What to look out for

If we see any unsafe acts and conditions that might put ourselves, our colleagues or suppliers at risk

If we have any concerns for the health, safety and well-being of any employee

If our policies and requirements are not followed or do not comply with HS&S legislation

If there are any signs of unsafe situations, elevated stress, inappropriate behaviour or poor well-being of employees and/or business partners

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