Human Rights and Labour Rights

We respect and support human rights and labour rights.

What we need to know

We are all equally entitled to human rights and labour rights without discrimination as set out in international fundamental principles, conventions and local laws

We have the responsibility to respect human rights. Respect for human rights is integral to Telenor’s business and how we operate. Labour Rights are a vital part of human rights

We are committed to contributing towards a positive human rights impact on society

What is expected of all of us

We take necessary measures in order not to violate, nor are we complicit in violations by others, of the human rights and labour rights of our colleagues, the employees of our business partners, our customers and anyone impacted by our operations

We will report on any actual or potential violation of human rights or labour rights to our manager or through other existing mechanisms, such as the Integrity Hotline

We will contribute to positive human rights impacts, including children’s rights and digital inclusion

What to look out for

If we experience, become aware of or suspect any violation of human rights of our colleagues, employees of business partners or of any people where we operate

If we, or one of our colleagues, are prevented from joining legitimate employee engagement forums, e.g. labour unions

If anyone, including public officials, asks for personal data on Telenor employees, customers or business partners without the right authorization and without following due process

If a contract we are negotiating has such a low price or short delivery period that it will likely lead to low wages or excessive working hours for business partner employees.

If an existing or potential business partner refuses to commit to the Supplier Conduct Principles or is not willing to collaborate in relation to inspections, audits or other transparency efforts

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