Insider Trading

We do not share or act on inside information.

What we need to know

Inside information is any non-public information that would impact the stock price of a company if it was known to the public, such as financial results not yet disclosed publicly, potential mergers and acquisitions, senior management changes and significant legal matter

Trading on inside information violates our ethical standards and is a personal criminal violation under any jurisdiction’s laws, and may lead to severe consequences for you personally and for Telenor as a company

Sharing inside information with others who then trade on that information is considered tipping and is a violation of both our governing documents and the law

What is expected of all of us

When in possession of inside information about Telenor or any other company, we do not trade, engage in tipping or suggest that others should trade in any securities

We treat all inside information that is not generally available to the investing public as proprietary and confidential

What to look out for

If we become aware of a business or legal issue that may have positive or negative consequences for the price of Telenor’s stock or that of a customer or business partner

If someone suggests that we buy or sell a security based on material non-public information

If we are notified that we are on an insider list

If we are part of a merger acquisition or key strategic project

If your business unit is publicly listed (stock exchange)

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