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Telenor Group today announced the pilot of Telenor Connect, a new IoT app enabling drivers to keep track of their car, and the establishment of a new Nordic Car Connect Forum with key leading partners.
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In addition to a comprehensive overview of vehicle status, car owners also have access to a complete ecosystem of car-related and tailored services within the app. A network of trusted partners will offer personalized and timely offers to the customer, ensuring a seamless experience for the car owners.

Telenor Connect will first be tested in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, before being rolled out in the Nordics as well as potentially in other markets in Telenor Group’s global footprint and beyond.

The IoT initiative will be unveiled at the first Nordic Car Connect Forum at StartupLab in Oslo today. The newly established forum gathers representatives across sectors, company size and borders, and aims to become the number one meeting point for companies driving innovation within the connected car ecosystem in the Nordics.

“As IoT increasingly goes mass market, Telenor wants to offer customers smart and useful services that make their daily digital lives easier. By 2020, forecasts indicate that more than 250 million connected cars will be on the roads and we know that within IoT, the connected car offers one of the biggest opportunities. Telenor can play a central role in moving IoT for cars beyond navigation by enabling a digital platform for new services within the connected car ecosystem. The mobile phone offers endless opportunities for our partners and also the startup community, which can develop content for the app ecosystem,” says Sigve Brekke, President & CEO of Telenor Group.

Telenor Group has partnered with leading companies in their verticals in the Nordics to provide the best offers and services for the user of Telenor Connect; Bertel O. Steen (Norway only), Circle K Europe, EasyPark, If P&C Insurance and Mekonomen Group (not Denmark). The customer can choose which services they want to use and with whom to share data with from the app.

The app will also offer 4G Wifi hotspot in the car, enabling a range of tailored in-car entertainment services on the move.

Telenor Group is a member of European Automotive-Telecom Alliance and has significant competence and experience within IoT, primarily through its global vehicle Telenor Connexion. Together with customers including car companies such as Volvo and Nissan, the company has designed smart and innovative IoT solutions deployed across the globe. The Telenor Connect app is the latest step in Telenor Group’s smart car offering and has been developed by Telenor and partner Swedspot, a spin-off from Swedish car-manufacturer Saab Automobile which offers connectivity solutions for vehicles.

The ecosystem API makes it possible for Telenor’s large partner and startup network to develop applications for the platform and to expand the connected car ecosystem to become the leading app store for cars in the Nordics.

Press contact:

Hanne Knudsen, Group Communications
+47 908 04 015

About the Nordic Car Connect Forum:

The forum gathers representatives across sectors, company size and borders, and aims to become the number one meeting point for companies driving innovation within the connected car ecosystem in the Nordics. The members will meet quarterly and will be organized by and at locations of the founding partners Bertel O. Steen, Circle K Europe, EasyPark, If P&C Insurance, Mekonomen Group, Swedspot and Telenor Group.

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Quotes from the founding partners of Nordic Car Connect Forum:

Bjorn Maarud, CEO Bertel O. Steen AS.

“Bertel O. Steen wants to be an active contributor in what we consider to be the most innovative ecosystem in the Nordic region. By being one of the initial partners in this, we get a unique opportunity to evaluate and develop new products and services to our customers. This is just the start of how we will communicate with and offer products and services to our customers in the future - and we are ready.”

Jacob Schram, Group President Europe, Circle K

“Our business will change more in the next decade than in the last century. To make life easier for our customers in an ever changing world, it is essential that we share our knowledge and develop in competent partnerships.”

Johan Birgersson, CEO EasyPark Group

"I'm delighted to be teaming up with Telenor for this year's Nordic Car Connect forum. This is an exciting era for drivers everywhere, and EasyPark is proud to be working with such strong partners to improve the urban experience by providing drivers with smart new services. Together we remain at the cutting edge of digital parking solutions, leading innovation within the connected car ecosystem in the Nordics."

Morten Byholt, Nordic Head of Product and Pricing, If P&C

“If P&C’s ambition is to be the leading insurer for connected services. Our goal is to test new customer friendly solutions, that simplifies the daily lives of our three million customers. We are honored to have been invited to the Nordic Car Connect Forum by Telenor and look forward to exploring new exciting opportunities together.”

Petra Bendelin, CEO of ProMeister Solutions within Mekonomen Group

“Together with leading partners in the Nordic Car Connect Forum we will offer even more comprehensive solutions and services tailored to each car owner. The connected car is the next step in our efforts to develop our industry, create transparency and make car life easier.”

Niclas Lindmark, CEO Swedspot

"The connected vehicle is a disruptive technology that will change traditional auto industry structures, lead to new business models and change the nature of the business. The key to be competitive in the new landscape is to work with open ecosystems and partnerships.”