Strike at Telenor called off

Press release
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The 623 members of EL & IT Forbundet (Electricians' and IT workers' Union) at Telenor who were called on strike are now returning to their jobs after the parties reached an agreement late Monday afternoon.

On 10 May, 455 of EL & IT Forbundet's members in Telenor went on strike, followed by an additional 168 members on 23 May. The strike has affected various units of Telenor and Opplysningen 1881 (Directory Services) all over Norway.

"We are pleased that the strike has been called off, and that the negative effects for our customers have been limited. Now we are concentrating on returning to a normal operation status as quickly as possible," said Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources, Bjørn Magnus Kopperud.


At NHO: Chief Negotiator Oskar Rønbeck
Tel: +47 91 36 07 06

At Telenor: Head of Information Scott Engebrigtsen
Tel: +47 90 04 34 84