Vilhelmiina Wahlbeck

Day job: VP, Corporate Communications, Sustainability & Brand Development


Flexible work

Journey began

In DNA 2003 => in Telenor 2019

Flexible work is about trusting our employees to figure out the most suitable way for them to do their work. There is nothing more motivating than that.

This innovation emerged 10 years ago, when we (in DNA) realised that we wouldn’t be able to have the most satisfied customers unless we had the most motivated and talented employees. That’s when we came up with the idea to give our employees greater freedom in completing their work and meeting their targets.

The flexible work model gives our employees the freedom to work from any location. The key point is to create clear targets, which means they have the responsibility to deliver on goals, but working in a way that best suits their everyday lives. This isn’t about the remote work itself, it’s about changing the focus from hours to results. That is what matters in the end.

We have created a culture where people are motivated, which is one of the main reasons that our results have been record high for the last few years. We are also getting a lot of good employees to come to work in DNA.

The rest of Telenor has caught on to the power of flexible work, and they have adopted our tight-loose-tight leadership approach that helps leaders lead in a flexible workday. The main benefit for all is that you can build your own workday to keep balance in all parts of your life.

Better balance leads to more satisfied employees, and more satisfied employees lead to more satisfied customers. Satisfaction, trust and flexibility empower societies.

I must say, I was not alone in this innovation. I am very proud of the ‘three musketeers’ team, representing HR, Administration and Communication, who made this happen. And I do have to mention that the cherry on top was when we were chosen as the best place to work in Finland in 2019.