At Telenor we believe in the potential of Edge Cloud to create value for our customers and society at large. Edge Cloud will support local, fast and secure execution of applications and connectivity. This will help enterprises advance their digitalisation and enable future consumer services.

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The lowdown: What is Edge Cloud?

In short, Edge Cloud moves cloud services closer to users and devices. This means that services run within national borders and are further distributed to regional and on-premise systems for a given enterprise. In effect, this resolves privacy issues, as data is not visible outside the defined area. It also supports lower response times and higher efficiency, as the execution and data can be stored locally. In addition, dedicated networks can be constructed for specific purposes, such as business-critical production systems or mission-critical emergency services.

Edge Cloud brings essential cloud benefits close to the users and enterprises. This enables new services and modernised systems for consumers and enterprises. For consumers, this means short response times, with one example being services for mixed reality and gaming. For enterprises, benefits include automating processes, remote operation/assistance and safety improvements. In addition, Edge Cloud brings in the option to shift software and data onto cloud in instances where it has previously not been possible due to privacy or security concerns. Edge Cloud can bring the wider ecosystem of solutions directly where you need it.

The potential: How Telenor works with Edge Cloud

Telenor engages with key customers and partners to demonstrate and validate the value of Edge Cloud. This applies a ‘nail and scale’ approach where we run essential market pilots that lead to commercial solutions. The approach goes through several development steps, also looking at connectivity, applications, devices and ways of working, including transformation towards Industry 4.0. The digitalisation journey triggers the need for upgrading systems and processes where a local cloud service can be key. Edge Cloud needs to be both flexible and secure, as well as future-ready, to grow as business needs evolve.

In parallel to market pilots, Telenor develops technical and commercial specifications. These describe how to deliver and operate overall solutions where Edge Cloud is one of the components. One of the main aspects is to observe global and industry initiatives and get the full benefits of being part of a larger ecosystem. This often includes cloud as well as connectivity, security, information sharing, analytics, applications, devices and so forth.

The expert angle: Our views on the Edge Cloud future

Terje Jensen, SVP, Program Director at Telenor Group

"Edge Cloud builds on the proven success of cloud services, while enabling them to become even more local, fast and secure. Hence, it becomes an attractive component for several market segments being part of the improvements for industry sectors, public services and consumers. As these services are gradually maturing it is essential to work with different partners to demonstrate and develop the opportunities. In that respect, a different approach is required, one that ensures that the solutions are responding both to short-term demands and to longer-term needs.”