Base station in Oslo, Norway

Telenor is focused on technology research, looking into 5G and 6G within radio access network and core networks.

Telenor’s network technologies experts are researching radio technology evolution and the implementation of virtualisation in the core networks, in addition to various aspects of cyber security. The purpose of this research work is to improve understanding of key mobile technologies, as well as to gain insight on new use cases and service concepts. The team actively participates in European Horizon 2020 projects, both within 5G and 6G, as well cyber security. Their collaborations are primarily with partners in the EU projects.

Our collaborations


The 5G Verticals INNovation Infrastructure (5G-VINNI) initiative is comprised of 23 partners, including major telecom operators, industry vendors and members of academia. The project aims to help Europe to easily adopt 5G technology by providing and end-to-end facility that validates its performance and explore solutions for vertical industries, such as public safety, eHealth, shipping, transportation, media, automotive and more.

The 5G-SOLUTIONS and 5G-HEART projects are making use of the non-commercial test platform from 5G-VINNI to validate 5G for various vertical industries. This test platform has been implemented on a non-standalone and standalone 5G core network.


The Secured Connected Trustable Things (SCOTT) project aims to provide secure and trustable connections for five verticals: home/smart infrastructure, automotive, aeronautics, rail and health. We are also working to design a scientifically sound (yet practical) methodology for developing trusted systems.


A cyber security competence network, the CONCORDIA project aims to build a secure, resilient, and trusted ecosystem in Europe. Concordia runs several initiatives to support a stronger European cyber security landscape, and this initiative has created the preliminary version of the cyber security roadmap for Europe – specifically regarding research and innovation, education and skill, economics, investments, legal and policy, standardisation and certification, as well as community building.

Telenor’s network technologies team is active in nine EU projects


Patrick Waldemar

Vice President, Telenor Research

Telenor Group