Man with a baby in the mountains browsing on his phone

Our purpose has never been more relevant. In the coming decade, the digital shift will accelerate and become true for all of us. Telenor is here to empower societies and connect you to what matters most, and in the coming years that means being a force for digitalisation and sustainability. Said differently: We are enabling the digital shift to be green, safe and for all.

Our strategic direction can be summed up in three points:

Core Connectivity: Secure and reliable connection to more customers.

Everybody, and almost everything, needs connectivity. We provide that connection in a secure, reliable and efficient way.

Services beyond connectivity: Deliver more value to our customers and increase satisfaction.

As digitalisation accelerates, customers' demands are changing. With services beyond connectivity, we can create more value to our customers and help people and businesses face new uncertainties and opportunities.

Trusted and responsible partner.

We want to be a trusted partner by conducting our business responsibly, have brands that people trust, and help customers navigate a more digital world.

You can learn more about our strategic direction presented at our 2022 Capital Markets Day here.