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Trusted partner in your digital life

As the world digitalises at an accelerated pace, connectivity is more critical than ever. With 5G, new and unique opportunities is emerging, and together with new and innovative technologies, this means tremendous new opportunities for our consumer and business customers. As the world is changing, so are their needs. We believe our future growth will come from new areas related to connectivity – and that we can deliver services beyond connectivity to our customers.

We want to be at the forefront, utilising new opportunities from 5G and technologies to deliver world-class services to our customers in a new, digital decade. Our strategy will deliver on our promise: Empowering societies and connecting you to what matters most.

So, what are we going to do?

Become a Digital Telco

We will continue our modernisation journey, because only as a truly digital telco can we deliver on our customers' future needs. Our offerings will become more complex as we increasingly move towards more tailored solutions, which can only be done efficiently when everything is digitalised.

Succeed Beyond Connectivity

As more of our customers' lives depend on digital tools, we believe our customers have unfulfilled needs—connectivity needs, but also beyond. And we think that we have strengths and capabilities from delivering connectivity that we can use to deliver on some of these needs together with partners.

Strengthen positions in Nordics and Asia

Both the Nordics and Asia are attractive telecom markets. In Asia, our ambition is to be a leading regional telco with the strength to deliver on changing customer demands in each market. In the Nordics, we will deliver on customers’ increasingly advanced connectivity needs while we also deliver services to support their digitalisation.

Responsible Business

Telenor is here to empower societies, and a key differentiator for Telenor is how we conduct our business responsibly. We have the same standards across diverse markets, and with this, our operations are impacting the societies wherever we are. We are proud of this, and although it challenges us from time to time, we also see that it helps us build trust towards our customers and other stakeholders. We can have a notable impact in people’s lives by providing digital skills to those who need them and helping address the big challenge of our lifetime by working with climate and the environment. In addition to reaching our own goals, we have an essential role in empowering our customers to achieve their goals with the help of our services.