Old telegraph

In 1844, Samuel Morse became the first person in the world to make a telegraph using only one wire when he built a telegraph line that went from Baltimore to Washington, D.C.

Telegraphy came to Europe when The Telegraph Company (now: British Telecom) established its first telegraphy line in 1849.

Norway started early to build a telegraphy network: Den Norske Statstelegraf (Norwegian Telegraph Administration, now Telenor) was founded in 1855. The first Norwegian telegraph line, between the capital Christiania (now Oslo) and the nearby city of Drammen, was opened the same year.

Twelve years later, in 1867, the first international telegraph line came into operation between Norway and Denmark, and from 1870 Norway was one of the first European countries with nationwide telegraphy coverage.

The extensive Norwegian fishing industry was a driver for the telephone companies in their fast development of telegraphy coverage and services.


From Telegrafverket to Televerket

The Norwegian Telegraph Administration (Telegrafverket) changes its name to Norwegian Telecommunications (Televerket)


Norwegian state obtains exclusive rights to run telephone services

The Telegraph Act is passed, giving the Norwegian state exclusive rights to run telephone services in Norway


The telegraph cable connection between Norway and Great Britain opens


First international telegraph cable connection opened between Norway and Denmark


First Norwegian telegraph line opened by the Norwegian Telegraph Administration

Connects Christiania (Oslo) and the city of Drammen.