Our brands

At Telenor we believe it is essential to build deeper and longer relationships with our customers through our strong and trusted brands.

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For Telenor, everything begins with our purpose: Empowering societies. Connecting you to what matters most. This is the reference point for all Telenor brands across all our markets, and it comes to life through our focus on three main areas: Include, Advance and Safeguard.

Include means that Telenor is committed to equality by enabling connectivity for all and driving greater societal inclusion through it.

Advance means that Telenor is at the forefront of technological development, constantly innovating and exploring for the benefit of customers, business and society.

Safeguard means that Telenor constantly raises the bar for the safety, security and privacy for our customers, partners and employees, as well as the health of our planet, to drive positive, long-term change.

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Telenor is a global company operating with locally relevant brands across the Nordics in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland (DNA) and Asia in Pakistan, Thailand (dtac), Bangladesh (Grameenphone) and Malaysia (Digi). While our brands address local customers, cultures, and markets, they are all based on a foundation of strong commonalities such as our purpose, visual identity and design.

The Telenor brand design journey

Since the introduction of the name Telenor in 1995, and the logo symbol in 2006, the Telenor brand has become a well-established icon across our markets in both the Nordics and Asia. As a symbol of movement and change, the introduction of the new logo in 2006 signalled a strengthening of customer orientation in all operations of Telenor. Telenor is the blue brand, and the new visual identity also stood out in a competitive international market.

In 2016 we modernised and digitalised the brand visually by releasing the Telenor symbol from the logotypes to further build on its iconic status. The result was a more unified brand across our markets. The iconic logo symbol is the core driver behind Telenor’s visual universe. The blue brand colour has been expanded into a range of tones to further strengthen Telenor’s position as the blue brand.

Telenor is a conversational brand, and our visual style and design represent our unifying language that is enhancing emotional storytelling with our more than 180 million customers.

Two Telenor Brand with a different visual Identity


DNA logoDNA is one of the leading Finnish telecommunications groups and provides high-quality voice, data and TV services for communication, entertainment and work. DNA’s focus is to make its customers lives less complicated, enabling everyone to concentrate on what matters to them. It provides connections, services and devices to home and work and enables the digitalisation of society.


Digi logoThe Digi brand expresses the internet-inspired life it will enable for its customers. The aim is to be an integral source of inspiration for customers, enabling a platform for them to connect to enriching content that encourages them to inspire others, and to be inspired. Digi will bring together fun and uplifting internet content to constantly deliver inspiring moments and experiences to its customers on the move.