Håkon Lønsethagen

Member of Corporate Assembly, Elected by the employees


Elected 2023.


Born in 1963, resident of Asker. Lønsethagen is a Senior Research Scientist in Telenor R&I, joining Telenor in 1989. He has extensive experience from various project management roles withing Telenor, and he is a member of the Governing Board of the 6G Industry Association. He has served as Expert Advisory Board member and in various management roles in EU R&I projects and working groups. Lønsethagen has been an employee representative for Tekna in Telenor since 2015.


Lønsethagen received a B.Sc in 1987 in electrical engineering and computer science from University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. He was granted a M.Sc. (Siv.ing) from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH/NTNU) in 1988.