What we need to know

  • We are all equally entitled to Human Rights without discrimination as set out in international conventions and local laws
  • Telenor respects Human Rights and have set clear standards in our policies
  • Labour Rights are a vital part of Human Rights and grant all employees the right to e.g. fair pay, benefits and freedom of association

What is expected of us

  • We respect the human rights and labour rights of our colleagues, the employees of our Business Partners, our customers and the people in the countries where we operate
  • We respect these rights by not violating the rights of others, nor being complicit in violations by others
  • We do business in a fair and non-discriminative way, making respect for human rights part of our relations with Business Partners and other stakeholders
  • We seek to make a positive impact on societal challenges related to individual human rights in our business
  • We avoid doing business with Business Partners that are known for violating human rights laws
  • We do not retaliate against anyone who makes a good faith report of violations of human rights or labour rights laws
  • We actively work to mitigate the threats of cyber bullying

What to look out for

  • We experience, witness or become aware of any type of discrimination
  • We, or one of our colleagues, are prevented from joining legitimate employee engagement forums, e.g. labour unions
  • Anyone, including Public Officials, asks for personal data on Telenor employees, customers or Business Partners without the right authorization
  • We become concerned that any existing or prospective Business Partner may be violating human rights or labour rights
  • A contract we are negotiating has such a low price or short delivery period that it will lead to low wages or excessive working hours for supplier employees

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