What we need to know

  • We all have a responsibility to provide a safe, healthy and secure working environment for all employees, suppliers and visitors
  • We recognize a shared responsibility to encourage a healthy work culture that promotes the wellbeing of our employees
  • We promote a culture of HS&S and comply with international and local HS&S standards, and align our behavior with the highest standards within this area
  • We adhere to internationally recognized guidelines for electromagnetic fields when planning and running our network operations.

What is expected of us

  • We are conscious of our work environment, act responsibly and are accountable for our own actions and use “Right to Stop” authority when we observe any hazardous activity
  • We make ourselves aware of potential risks in our workplace and continuously work to minimize HS&S risks
  • We adhere to HS&S legislation and our own HS&S policies and requirements
  • We ensure that incidents and near misses are reported regardless of their severity
  • We focus on continuous improvement and actions to remedy hazardous situations.

What to look out for

  • Unsafe acts and conditions that might put ourselves, our colleges and suppliers at HS&S risk
  • Situations that may become dangerous or have a potential of HS&S risk
  • We see signs of elevated stress, inappropriate behavior or poor wellbeing of our co-workers and suppliers
  • We have any concerns for the HS&S of any employee or supplier
  • We believe that our policies and requirements are not followed or do not meet HS&S legislation.

Resources and Tools