Gender Balanced Future

Women celebrating

A balanced workforce is key to Telenor’s success. We’re committed to fostering a working environment where women employees are supported and empowered in all areas of their work.

Our starting point of diversity effort was gender balance. This meant that we were lacking women in the workforce as well as in leadership positions. To address this, several initiatives have been undertaken that have resulted in creating the impact. These are as follows:

  • Standardized paid parental leave (maternity leave) globally - in October 2015, Telenor Group announced that all women across the company’s markets were entitled to a minimum of six months of paid maternity leave. This policy particularly impacted Telenor’s Asian markets, where the local standard is less than six months. The move was an effort to strengthen Telenor’s competitiveness in these countries by attracting and retaining the best women talents.

  • Established WIN (Women Inspirational Network) - started in 2016 WIN is an arena for women in leadership positions at Telenor to meet, interact, seek advice and grow professionally. Its purpose is to strengthen the leadership pipeline in Telenor and prepare more women for top management roles.

  • Instituted a People Committee for appointment of leaders in senior positions. This committee is chaired by the President & CEO. The core purpose of the committee is to ensure that close attention is paid to the diversity and competence of senior management.

  • Several initiatives in the business units were undertaken.

  • Gender pay equality analysis across business units

The progress towards gender balance over the last five years:

% Women in Telenor Group

% Women Leaders

% Women Senior Leaders

Telenor has been in the top three in the SHE index for the last two years.