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7 ways 5G will change your life

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There’s a lot of hype around 5G. It represents the latest and greatest in technology, holding the potential to shake up societies and advance us faster and further than ever before. But behind all that hype are some very real 5G promises that will make a noticeable difference in your life.

Here’s seven predictions from Telenor’s 5G experts on how the technology will change your life in the years to come.

1. The kids will stop complaining about the Wi-Fi

The days of fighting with your family over bandwidth and slow internet speeds are soon over. 5G has got you covered. It will also spark all kinds of innovation thanks to 5G’s connectivity to unlimited storage and processing power in the cloud, as well as the access it enables to vast data, computer power, and AI resources – anytime, all the time.

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2. Live stream yourself at the next Justin Bieber concert

Get additional broadband capacity through a 5G network on-demand – and even on wheels if you want. Ad hoc 5G networks can be set up at big concerts, sporting events, or in remote areas when coverage is critical. 5G even can be delivered as a service on wheels, providing capacity and coverage wherever it’s needed.

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News from Telenor Research: Groundbreaking 5G solution paves the way for new digital services

3. 5G may save your life one day

Many sectors have high-capacity connectivity needs, which can now be solved through 5G. Imagine faster diagnosis at the doctor, even when remote, or improved diagnostics tools for first responders. Transport and logistics can be automated at harbours or factories. Even an operation such as a fish farm can be run with high-speed connectivity to stimulate improved operations.

Hungry for 5G? Then have a slice of 5G all to yourself

4. We’ll let the machines do the (dangerous) work

Remote work just got real. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed office life everywhere, making flexibility the key for the future of work. But 5G potential goes so much further, proving its value in the heavy industry by enabling people to operate machines and other equipment remotely – thus reducing human exposure to potentially dangerous or hazardous work.

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Our researchers also believe 5G will shape the tech trends of 2021

5. You’ll know every language in the world

5G can therefore also help to simplify travelling to places most people couldn’t make themselves understood before, making the world an even smaller place.

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6. Moving away is no longer an excuse for breaking up the band

Real-time augmented reality will be powered by 5G. This will open our eyes to new experiences, from 3D immersion to holographic entertainment to even synchronised reality – a technology that would make it possible for a group of people scattered across the globe to play in a band together, live over 5G.

Woman playing the guitar online
Performance group creating new song online on video call during pandemic.

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7. “Everything in moderation,” say parents everywhere

Device addiction is very real and could grow considerably when connectivity is quite literally everywhere all the time. With 5G accelerating digitalisation of society to new heights, we’ll have to show more restraint, find ways to put down our devices and enjoy the real world occasionally.