Write-down of Sonofon and provision for loss in Sweden

Press release
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In connection with Telenor's annual impairment test of entities containing goodwill, the market value of the mobile company Sonofon in Denmark has been assessed to be lower than the book value. This has led to a write-down of NOK 2.4 billlion, of which NOK 2.2 billion is goodwill. The enterprise value of Sonofon is NOK 7.7 billion subsequent to the write-down.

In 2002, Telenor entered into an MVNO agreement (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with Tele 2 to purchase mobile network capacity in Sweden, as an alternative to a service provider agreement. The MVNO agreement is partially a fixed price agreement. As a consequence of the revised expectations of the usage of the capacity in the MVNO agreement, Telenor expensed NOK 562 million as loss on this contract in the fourth quarter of 2004. In addition, Telenor made a write-down of fixed assets in Sweden by NOK 75 million.


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