Tormod Hermansen, CEO Telenor/Telia:

Press release
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"I strongly regret that it was not possible to carry out a successful merger between Telenor and Telia. In the current situation, it was the right thing for the Government to reverse the decision," says Telenor/Telias CEO Tormod Hermansen.
"For everyone involved - the two countries governments and the two companies - the conditions for a businesslike successful merger have been mutual respect and equality between the two parties carrying out the merger. When one of the parties clearly demonstrates that these conditions are no longer decisive, then unfortunately the whole basis for the merger is gone," says Hermansen.

"Telenor will now utilise its expertise within the Mobile, IP and Business communication areas to follow its previous strategy and ensure its strong position in the home market and take positions in the European and international market. I am not worried about Telenors ability to develop in a positive way, even though a merger with Telia is no longer possible," says Tormod Hermansen.