The race is on for the Telenor Digital Winners Prize

Press release
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Who are the most innovative in the Nordic digital arena? Today sees the start of the Telenor competition to find the Nordic region's most innovative product or service with the greatest potential, whether it be TV, Internet or mobile based. This is the first time the NOK 250,000 prize will be awarded.

Telenor announced the digital media prize during the Digital Winners 2007 event in March last year, and the time has now come for relevant candidates to sign up for the competition.

"Innovation is incredibly important for a group like Telenor, which survives by delivering services and technology, which must be filled with exciting content so that people will use them. By launching the Telenor Digital Winners prize, we hope to stimulate suppliers into showing how they have created new, commercial ideas, products and services in today's digital market," says Morten Karlsen Sørby, Executive Vice President and head of Telenor's Nordic mobile and fixed network operations. "In addition we hope this prize will spark further innovation in the content industry and a better user experience in the digital mass market," continues Karlsen Sørby.

The requirements in order to compete for the prize are:

Services/products for the Internet, mobile and/or TV with potential in several distribution channels

  • Services/products already launched in at least one of the countries in the Nordic market.
  • Services/products with a high degree of user friendliness and that have been well received by end users.

We will also be looking to see if:

  • The service/product encourages increased innovation and use in the digital mass market.
  • The service/product can help motivate customers and content providers to use digital channels in a new and innovative way.

The prize can be awarded to products and services used by either consumers or organisations. As well as the honour of winning, the prize is worth NOK 250,000 in development support, and will be awarded at the Digital Winners 2008 event on 27-28 March 2008, held at Telenor's headquarters at Fornebu.

The jury
The jury has a Nordic flavour and will be chaired by Berit Svendsen, Division Director in Telenor in Norway.

The jury also comprises: Trude B Marcussen, Head of marketing development Broadband and Telephony in Telenor Norway, Jens B. Arnesen, President and CEO at Canal Digital Denmark, Hilde Lovett, Project director/Senior researcher in Telenor Norway, Anette Ottar, Vice President Content and Media, Telenor Media and Content Services, Anne-Lise Katle, Head of Mobile Content, Telenor Norway, Michael Bergman, Head of Division, Innovation, Telenor Sverige AB, Karin Skjødt Hindkjær, Communications Director Sonofon/Cybercity Patrik Hofbauer, President and CEO at Canal Digital Sweden, Paul Chaffey, President and CEO at Abelia and Karoline Beate D. Skøien, General Manager at Racecar.

For further information, please contact:
Ingrid Schiefloe, Director of Information, Telenor Broadcast
Mobile: +47951 56977, email: