The International ISP (Internet Service Provider) Nextra s.r.o., acquires Slovak ISP, IPN a.s.

Press release
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Nextra s.r.o, a subsidiary in the Telenor group, recently signed an agreement confirming the acquisition of IPN a.s, including its PubNet network.
The PubNet network represents an association of several ISPs throughout the Slovak Republic. The network mainly consists of the following companies; Napri, Vadium, Coniuctim, Computer Club, Sinet, EHS and Cora. The founding member and centre of the PubNet network is IPN a.s., which has its seat in Bratislava. From here, international connections to the Internet and the Slovak peering SIX centre are carried out.
Nextra s.r.o. is one of the leading ISPs (Internet Service Provider) in Slovakia, in both the consumer and the business segments. According to IDG, the international Nextra trademark belongs to the most important ISP in Slovakia.

Nextra s.r.o. has been operative in the Slovak market since the beginning of January 1999. The company has more than 50 employees and 31 points of access distributed throughout Slovakia. Nextra is Telenor's spearhead for Internet-related services for the European business market. In addition to being Norway's leading Internet supplier, Nextra offers Internet access, communication, hosting and other net-based services to companies in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Austria and Italy. With one of Europe's leading Internet environments, the customers are ensured superior solutions as well as high capacity.