The 1998 Telenor Research Award goes to Professor Stephen Pink

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The 1998 Telenor Research Award has been given to Professor Stephen Pink for his significant contributions to developing new capabilities in the Internet. The award money of NOK 250,000 was Thursday handed over in Kristiansand, at the Study Meeting - the annual gathering for the Norwegian electronics and computer trades.
Professor Stephen Pink achieved his results while working with the Swedish Institute for Computer Science (SICS), and in his present position at the University of Luleå.
Professor Pink has primarily focused his work on performance and capacity in IP networks within the following areas:

Header compression

Efficient protocol handling

Router design.
The results are of vital importance for Internet services on mobile networks and solutions for the coming UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommuni-cations System) and IMT2000 (International Mobile Telecommunications 2000) standards. The results are also of great importance for the development of high speed networks - another great challenge. Professor Pink is working direct with the industry on these issues. He participates actively within the central standardisation forum for the Internet, the Internet Engineering Task Force, and has managed to influence both standardisation of protocols for the next generation of Internet (IPv6) and future product development.
Professor Pinks professional achievements is of vital importance in a field which is rapidly growing and which will involve a paradigm shift within the traditional telecommunications industry.

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