Telenor's Culture Award goes to the International Museum of Children's Art

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Telenor's Culture Award for 2006 has been presented to the International Museum of Children's Art. The Museum has been awarded a sum of NOK 250,000 for its efforts to collect, conserve and promote children's art from all around the world. The award ceremony was held in Bærum Kulturhus on Monday night.

"We are greatly impressed with the efforts that the International Museum of Children's Art and young artists from all over the world have put in over the last 20 years. We are proud to support such a groundbreaking venture. This is the eleventh year that the Telenor Culture Award has been presented to an individual, group or institution that has made an outstanding contribution to Norwegian culture. At Telenor, we want to communicate culture across borders. We are doing just that by facilitating collaborations between Norwegian artists and artists from countries wherein Telenor has business activities. Telenor is an international company, and we are very pleased that this year's winner has adopted a distinct international focus," said President and CEO of Telenor, Jon Fredrik Baksaas.

The jury says the following about this year's winner: The International Museum of Children's Art receives Telenor's Culture Award in recognition of its exceptional work to present our existence through the eyes, mindset and experience of children - adopting the viewpoint of the children themselves. The fact that the museum displays art that is made by children is in itself astounding, and the museum should also be credited for the way it has approached this task. The jury commends the museum for building an acknowledged international network which has created a lot of attention, in spite its limited size and resources.

"We see this award as a great tribute to the International Museum of Children's Art and to our philosophy of promoting children's own art, as well as their esthetical values and ideas. It is our hope that this award can contribute to make the museum more visible, as well as strengthen children's position as artists in their own right," said Angela Goldin, general manager of the International Museum of Children's Art.

About the Telenor Culture Award

Telenor's Culture Award is part of Telenor's Culture Programme, which was established in 1995, in an effort to underpin the Group's core values. As from 2007, international candidates will be eligible for the Telenor Culture Award.

Previous award winners include actor Svein Tindberg, painter Wenche Øien, choreographer Kjersti Alveberg, singer, musician and songwriter Kari Bremnes, author and film director Torun Lian, actor Juni Dahr, author Ingvar Ambjørnsen, independent theatre company Verdensteatret, dancer Ingrid Lorentzen and last year's winner, actor Anne Marit Jacobsen.

The jury is chaired by Bjørn Kruse, Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Also serving on the jury are choreographer Kjersti Alveberg, author Lars Saabye Christensen, actor Thorbjørn Harr and Kai Rosenberg of Telenor.

About the International Museum of Children's Art

The Museum was established in 1986 by film director Rafael Goldin (1920-1994) and his wife, doctor of medicine Alla Goldin, and was set up through the Foundation of Children's History, Art and Culture. The three basic functions of the Museum are to collect, preserve and promote children's art worldwide. In 2006, the museum celebrates its 20th anniversary, and during the years the museum has thrown new light on such issues as: The World Seen through the Eyes of Youth, People at Work, Children and Nature, Catastrophes Seen through the Eyes of Children, HIV/AIDS, and Communication etc. The art projects were realised in cooperation with various national and international institutions and organisations.

The museum is located at Vinderen in Oslo.

Alla and Angela Goldin have together published the art book "Large Open Eyes" in memory of founder Rafael Goldin. The book sums up the history of the museum, and contains a selection of more than 200 colourful works of art made by children from all over the world.

"Children are a people, they say. But a people cannot exist without a culture.Children are a people that belong to the future. And this people must be entitled to its own language, art and history." - Rafael Goldin

Currently on display in Bærum Kulturhus is an exhibition from the International Museum of Children's Art.

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