Telenor to launch unique mobile guide at Nobel Peace Centre

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Telenor is one of the founding partners of the Nobel Peace Centre, and Telenor's information system mGuide is one of several key features of the partnership. mGuide users will receive information about the objects they find themselves closest to, automatically downloaded to their mobile phones. The first public demonstration of the mGuide system will take place at opening of the Nobel Peace Centre on 11 June.

mGuide is based on a new type of SIM card that has an in-built access to a local wireless network (WLAN). This enables supply of new location-based services with accuracy down to one metre. The Nobel Peace Centre is thus able to provide users with detailed information about every object they approach, as they move through the centre. mGuide will initially be used by the guides at the Nobel Peace Centre, but in time visitors will have direct access to the solution.

"The new SIM card facilitates new services and widens the range of application of mobile phones," said Hans-Christian Haugli, Director of Research at Telenor. The mGuide system is the result of a partnership between Telenor R&D and Radionor Communications.

Other Telenor contributions

In addition to mGuide, Telenor has also contributed to the installations The Register and Verdensøyet ( World Eye ) at the Nobel Peace Centre . The Register is the first installation that visitors see, with voices from all over the world communicating various messages of peace. Telenor has complied the voice samples, i.a. from countries where it has business activities. Visiting groups and school classes will use World Eye to communicate with people around the world, and Telenor will provide assistance by identifying the optimal solutions for such communication. Telenor also contributes direct financial support, and ICT equipment to be used in the administration of the Nobel Peace Centre.

The official opening of the Nobel Peace Centre takes place on Saturday 11 June 2005.

Contact : Scott Engebrigtsen, Head of Information Telenor ASA, Tel. +47 90 04 34 84, e-mail:

To the editorial offices:

  • In connection with the opening of the Nobel Peace Centre, a press conference and guided tour will be held on 8 June, at which mGuide will be available for a demonstration.
  • Representatives of Telenor will also be present.
  • Please refer to the invitation from the Nobel Peace Centre for more information about the press conference and guided tour, or visit