Telenor to launch second generation broadband

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: On Monday 12 June, Telenor launches second generation broadband - built on ADSL2+ technology. Customers in both the Consumer and Business Markets will be offered up to 16,000 kbit/s broadband speeds from Telenor. Telenor also launches a Mini/extended coverage product, which will give even more people access to broadband.

"This time we are doing some stretching at both ends. We are providing much higher speeds, and at the same time we are able to offer a broadband product to many of our customers who were previously residing too far away from a central to receive ADSL," said Berit Svendsen, Director of Fixed at Telenor Nordic.

With the new technology, ADSL2+, or second generation broadband over the fixes line telecommunications network, Telenor is now launching a whole range of new speeds of up to 16,000, 12,000 and 8,000 kbit/s.

The Mini/extended coverage product offers speeds will vary depending on the quality of the line, and on the distance to the central. The product is offered with 864-160 kbit/s for incoming, and 256-128 kbit/s for outgoing speeds. With this ADSL product Telenor increases the extent of its coverage, and more than 90 per cent of all Norwegian households and businesses will now have access to broadband.

"We are now offering a wide range of ADSL products, and customers will have access to broadband services that have been prepared for TV, telephony and Internet over the same line. In this way we also contribute to the government target of providing broadband to even more people over the regular copper network," said Division Director Berit Svendsen at Telenor.

The online ADSL portfolio now consists of a total of five products:

  • Online ADSL Mini 700/160 (max. up/down) NOK 299 per month
  • Online ADSL Basis 1500/300 - NOK 349 per month
  • Online ADSL Pluss 3000/300 - NOK 419 per month
  • Online ADSL Ekstra 6000/500 - NOK 499 per month
  • Online ADSL Max 16000/700 - NOK 549 per month

"We are very pleased with our new portfolio of products, and we are especially happy that we are able to reach even more people through our new Mini product," said Division Director and Head of the Consumer Market in Norway, Berit Kjøll.

The following products are offered to Business customers:

  • Internet ADSL Business up to 16,000 kbit/s - NOK 1190 per month
  • Internet ADSL Home Office up to 16,000 kbit/s - NOK 949 per month

For more information, please contact:

Head of Information Atle Lessum
Telenor Nordic, Tel: +47 41505645

Head of Information Arild S. Johannessen
Telenor Nordic, Tel: +47 48191921