Telenor to introduce flat telephony rates

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Telenor now introduces flat rates for ISDN and analogue telephony, along with new broadband and mobile telephony options at favourable rates. Telenor is changing its rates in an effort to offer customers even more attractive solutions, irrespective of which communications needs they have.

For the first time in its more than 150-year history, Telenor now introduces flat rates for regular telephony. Also for the first time, Telenor offers flat rates for broadband telephony, as well as a new subscription plan for mobile telephony with an unlimited amount of call minutes during evenings and weekends included in the monthly charge. Flat rates on fixed-line telephony are also offered to small businesses.

The new subscription plans for fixed-line and broadband telephony include an unlimited amount of call minutes to fixed-line and broadband phones. An additional rate reduction of 20 per cent on international calls and calls to mobile phones is also offered with these subscription plans.

"It is with considerable pride that we now present these changes, which are applicable for all forms of telephony. The comprehensive changes to our product portfolio and rates are a clear sign that we are in fact listening to our customers. Our customers want the freedom to choose, but at the same time we know that rates are a key factor for many people. Customers will now recognise that our subscriptions are offered at favourable rates - irrespective of which telephony solution they choose," said Berit Kjøll, Director of Consumer Division at Telenor.

For more information, please contact:
Head of Information Atle Lessum
Consumer Division at Telenor Nordic, Tel: +47 415 05 645

New subscription plan for fixed-line:
Telenor's current Pluss subscription plan is now offered at a flat-rate, with an unlimited amount of call minutes to residential phones in Norway, at a flat monthly rate of NOK 249 for analogue, and NOK 329 for ISDN (i.e. an increase in the monthly rate of only NOK 30).

No connection fees or minute rates will be applicable for calls to other fixed-line and broadband phones. In addition, the Pluss subscription plan also offers 20 per cent lower rates on international calls and calls to mobile phones.

This offer will be suitable for customers who already have a fixed-line connection, and who want to control and reduce costs.

Newsubscription plan for broadband telephony:
Telenor introduces two new subscription plans: Broadband Telephony Pluss and Broadband Telephony Mini.

Broadband Telephony Pluss is offered at NOK 159 per month, and includes an unlimited amount of call minutes to fixed-line and broadband phones and no set-up charge (if you cancel your fixed-line subscription a monthly line access fee of NOK 60 will be applicable, today line access is included in the monthly fixed-line charge). The Pluss subscription plan is suitable for customers who make frequent domestic and international calls, as well as frequent calls to mobile phones, and who want to bring their costs under control (e.g. families with children).

Broadband Telephony Pluss offers customers an unlimited amount of call minutes to residential phones in Norway - around the clock, seven days a week. No connection fees and no minute rates are applicable for these calls.

Costs will be easy to predict: Customers will not have to worry about call minutes, and they know in beforehand what the amount on their invoice will be.

Broadband Telephony Mini:
This solution will be favourable for customers with low traffic volumes. There is no monthly charge, and customers are offered an unlimited amount of call minutes to other Telenor broadband telephony customers. This solution will be suitable for customers who want to try out broadband telephony.

New subscription plan for mobile telephony:
The Telenor FriTid mobile subscription plan includes an unlimited amount of evening and weekend call minutes as part of the monthly rate. FriTid complements Telenor's Fri portfolio of mobile subscriptions, with monthly call minutes included, and will be suitable for customers who make frequent calls during evenings and weekends.

The minute rate on calls made during evenings and weekends within Telenor's mobile network, and to all fixed-line phones, will be NOK 0.

The minute rate applicable for calls to Telenor's mobile network is also applicable for service providers within Telenor's mobile network.

The NOK 0 minute rate is applicable on all weekdays between 18:00 and 07:00 as well as around the clock during weekends (including holidays).

The subscription plan will be suitable for high-volume callers: 520 minutes or more per month, or more than 18 minutes per day.

New subscription planfor small businesses:
The new Pluss subscription plan, which is offered in the consumer market, will now also be available for business market customers (at the same rate).

The new flat-rate subscription plan allows customers to choose the subscription that suits them best. Customers will be able to bring costs under control, and are offered high-quality solution that is simple and stable.

Pluss is offered to small businesses without private automatic branch centrals on analogue and ISDN GT. No charge will be applicable for conversion from one subscription plan to another as long as customers retain their existing ISDN/analogue setup, and users may change subscription plans as often as they want. The Pluss subscription plan has no lock-in period.