Telenor to increase prices on first-time connections, transferred connections and subscription

Press release
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Telenor raises prices on first-time connections, transferred connections and subscription on both analogue lines (PSTN) and digital lines (ISDN), effective from May 1, 2002. After three years without raising prices, the income from subscription and connections is not sufficient to cover the costs. This is the background for the present increase.
In the past Telenor was able to calculate costs from the network as a whole, and consequently price subscription and traffic together. The Norwegian telecom market will see an increase in competition both on traffic and subscription, and Telenor will make the necessary adjustments in its network to allow competition to take place. For Telenor this will involve adjusting its price structure so that the different units must bear their own costs. Call rates have been reduced over the recent years, but the prices on subscription, first-time connections and transferred connections have not been altered considerably in the corresponding period.

In Telenor's case, this means that costs connected to the development, maintenance and running of the network must be covered by first-time connections, transferred connections and subscription. With today's price level Telenor is unable to cover these costs. This is why these prices will be increased from May 1, 2002.

Telenor is responsible for bringing advanced Telecom solutions out to Norwegian customers. Through an extensively developed network, Telenor has created a number of new services to the benefit of the Norwegian residential and business markets. Telenor has invested large sums of money over the last few years in extending and maintaining this network.

Updated pricing information, valid from May 1, 2002:
  • The price of a PSTN-subscription is raised from NOK 150 to NOK 159 per month.
  • The price of a Basis-subscription is raised from NOK 221 to NOK 139 per month.
  • The price of a Proff-subscription is raised from NOK 291 to 309 per month.
  • The price of first-time ISDN connections is raised from NOK 760 to NOK 1490.
  • The price of first-time PSTN connections is raised from NOK 760 to NOK 990.

If you move house, the price will depend on the existing connections in your new home. If you have an ISDN or a PSTN connection and move to a new home equipped with existing connections, the price will be NOK 490.

(All prices include VAT)