Telenor takes over Swedish call centre

Press release
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Telenor Teleservice has purchased the remaining 49 per cent of the Swedish call-centre company Kalix Tele 24, making it a 100 per cent owned Telenor Subsidiary.
"The Kalix Tele 24 purchase has made Telenor into a more attractive partner for Swedish companies operating in the Nordic market," said Telenor Teleservice Director Thomas Werenskiold. "We are now able to capitalise on the synergy of a Nordic concept within sales, marketing and large-scale production. This will reduce our vulnerability as an increasing number of Swedish customers are looking for companies with a Nordic Focus."
Kalix Tele 24, located in the northern Swedish towns of Kalix, Jokkmokk and Gallivare, has a strong position in the Swedish market offering reception, answering and customer services. The company has 230 employees.

In Norway, Teleservice is responsible for operating the Telenor's trademarked directory information service as well as providing teleconferencing and other call-centre services.

In early March, German telecom operator VIAG Interkom announced a new national telephone directory service joint venture with Telenor. The two companies plan to invest DEM 15 million over the next two years. Telenor holds a 51 per cent stake in the new company, while VIAG Interkom controls of the remaining 49 per cent.

The new venture, which is scheduled to start providing domestic directory services in May, also plans to open a call centre employing 300 people in Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany by 2002. The company also aims to provide international directory services by 2001.