Telenor Takes Energy Responsibility Seriously

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Telenor is now implementing a new system to monitor its own energy consumption. This system, together with building related energy efficiency measures, will save a total of 15 million kWh in Norway.

Telenor headquaters at Fornebu, NorwayThe Telenor Group aims to use energy as efficiently as possible, both in terms of the use of office space, value creation and in delivering our services.

- Previous energy efficiency projects have highlighted the need a total overview of our energy consumption We are therefore currently in the process of establishing a common system for monitoring all stationary energy consumption in Telenor Norway, says Telenor's Environment Manager Eyvind Lome.

Energy consumption to be reduced by 15 million kWh

In Norway, Telenor annually consumes more than 420 million kWh for the operation of networks and buildings; this equals the energy consumption of 20,000 detached houses. With the new project for reducing energy consumption, Telenor Norway can save 15 million kWh per year, or approximately the annual consumption of 750 Norwegian houses.

Common system for monitoring energy consumption

In a pilot project, a web-based system will monitor the energy consumption of the 50 largest Telenor buildings in Norway. The system collects data from metres measuring electricity, oil, gas and long-distance heating, in order to:

  • Stay updated on the energy consumption of all installations
  • Discover potential savings
  • Document consumption cuts
  • Identify unusual consumption levels

The remainder of the 10,000 Telenor buildings in Norway will be incorporated in the system at a later stage. The system can also be extended to cover the energy consumption of all Telenor buildings in the Nordic region.

Concrete measures for building complexes

Earlier energy efficiency projects and analyses have revealed that there is still a potential for saving energy in Telenor's building complexes. At the moment we are working on:

  • Rebuilding cooling systems and converting to free cooling
  • Upgrading and modernising the heating/ventilation system

In addition, 53,000 old light fixtures have been removed. These have been replaced by 41,000 new, energy efficient fixtures, new automation and intelligent light control.

For more information, please contact:

Sigurd Aamodt, Project Manager
Tel.: (+47) 91 70 87 75