Telenor: Regulatory decision must be reconsidered

Press release
2 minute read
Telenor Mobil disagrees with the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority's (PT) decision to allow Sense Communications access to the company's mobile network before the appeal has been finally decided. Telenor Mobil will therefore request the Ministry of Transport and Communications to independently review the question of suspensive effect of the decision.
"So long as the appeal is being considered, the appellate body must be allowed to consider the question of suspensive effect on an independent basis", says Stig M. Herbern, Managing Director of Telenor Mobil. "We are still of the opinion that this is a matter of telecommunications policy that must be decided by the political authorities. In our opinion, the decision represents a shift in telecommunications policy that has not yet been the subject of political debate".

Herbern believes that Sense Communications' comments on the PT's decision, where the company claims that this is in line with the politically desired development, are incorrect. "This has by no means been clarified. The steps taken this week to have the matter discussed in the Storting (Parliament) are therefore very interesting. This proves that the politicians assume responsibility for shaping Norwegian telecommunications policy and steering the development in the area of mobile communication", Herbern concludes.