Telenor presents a joint roaming initiative in the Nordic region

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Just in time for the summer travel season, Telenor presents a powerful, joint roaming initiative in Sweden, Denmark and Norway called TravelSure. Telenor TravelSure is defined by its simplicity, cost control and flexibility.
“Nordic customers are among the most advanced mobile phone users in the world, especially when in their home countries where the prices are low and easy to control. But more and more we see that our customers expect to be able to use their mobile phones when travelling, with the same kind of cost control and predictability as they have at home,” says Kjell Morten Johnsen, EVP and Head of Telenor’s European operations. “By introducing TravelSure, along with the new price models in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Telenor is taking a big step towards making it affordable, worry-free and flexible to use the mobile phone while in the most popular holiday destinations for Scandinavians in the world.”

The Telenor TravelSure concept

Telenor TravelSure is a new roaming offer that will be launched in all Telenor Group operations. The launch this June in the Nordics allows Telenor customers to benefit from very low per minute prices, meaning they can stay worry-free no matter how long they talk. It also includes launching new options and expanding the per day offerings for mobile data in additional countries. From there Telenor will continuously improve the offerings for both voice and data roaming.

“People throughout all of Telenor Group’s markets are increasingly travelling across borders and it’s important to be a leader in allowing them to access the full benefit of mobile technology wherever they are,” says Kjell Morten Johnsen.

Roaming in the Nordics - details

In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Telenor has launched slightly different roaming offers under the same Telenor TravelSure concept. All three Nordic countries will now have an attractive voice offering and a new and easy–to–understand data roaming tariff.

The main news in the Nordic roaming initiatives is as follows:


  • Surf for just 49,- NOK per day for up to 30 megabyte in  EU/EEA countries. Automatic SMS notification sent to customers who go over the 30 MB limit. Price beyond limit is 10 NOK/MB.  Same price for mobile phone, pad and PC.

  • ”Ring EU/EØS”. Telenor-customers with a Komplett or Prat subscription can use their included minutes when they travel in all EU/EEA countries. Call set up fee 5,99,- NOK.

  • “Surf outside EU/EEA” with the lowest market price for USA and new, lower surf prices for Turkey, Switzerland, Croatia and Thailand 79,- NOK per day for up to 20 megabytes.  Automatic SMS notification sent to customers who go over the 20 MB limit. Price beyond limit is 10 NOK/MB. Same price for mobile phone, pad and PC.

“Ring EU/EØS” and “Surf outside EU/EEA” launched mid June.

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  • In January 2012 Telenor Sweden launched Free Surf EU as a concept, followed in February by Free Surf USA (SEK 199 per day) and Free Surf China (SEK 249 per day). These packages provide the customers with uncapped Internet access for a fixed price per day. At 100 MB the speed will be reduced to GPRS-level.

  • On 22nd of May the roaming package “Free surf EU” was made available to all  post-paid customers uncapped Internet access for SEK 79 per day in the EU, EES and Switzerland.

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  • For voice calls Telenor Denmark offers "Tryg tale i udlandet" , a free service allowing customers to call within EU and Nordics for 5 DKK per call plus 0.59 DKK/min. for outgoing calls and 0 DKK/min for incoming calls.

  • For surfing abroad Telenor Denmark offers "Tryg surf i udlandet"  for all consumer customers allowing customers to surf 20 MB/day in the EU or Nordics for 29 DKK/day. Up to 29 DKK the customer pays regular list price, and after the 20 MB the user is barred from further cost, until the customer requests more data with an SMS.

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For more information please contact: 

Atle Lessum, Information manager Telenor Group, tel +47 4150 5645,

Telenor Norway:
Anders Krokan; +47 952 09 037

Telenor Sweden:
Andreas Hamrin; +46 73-425 26 64

Telenor Denmark:
Peter Glüsing; +45 60 50 63 10