Telenor Norway is starting the summer with even better mobile packages

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From June 1st Telenor's mobile customers in Norway will get even more for their money. Several subscription packages are being simplified so that customers can use their mobiles even more for the same price as before. In addition, the price of the Komplett Musikk subscription is being reduced by NOK 50 per month.
“We are seeing that mobile usage among the Norwegian population continues to reach new heights,” said Stein-Erik Vellan, divisional director for the Consumer Mobile Market at Telenor Norway.

Telenor is now upgrading several subscription packages to offer the mobile customers in the consumer market even better and more affordable mobile subscriptions.

“At Telenor, we are committed to adapting our subscriptions to the usage patterns of our customers, so that customers not only enjoy the superb coverage and many benefits offered by Telenor but also get great packages at competitive prices. Increasing numbers of Norwegian mobile users are "always" online, and as the first and only operator in Norway to offer 4G coverage for mobiles, data usage has taken off,” said Vellan.

Telenor has already added fixed rates for data to a range of mobile subscriptions, which has provided customers with a better overview, predictability, and lower mobile bills. With free calls and texts included in several subscriptions, it will now be both easier and more affordable to be a Telenor customer.

“Our customers are using more and more data, but calls and text messaging continue to be key services and we're building on that by making it easier and more affordable for our mobile subscribers to make calls and send texts,” said Vellan.

These new changes will take effect on 1st June 2013 and will naturally apply to both existing and new customers:

  • Telenor Komplett M, Telenor Komplett M+, and Telenor Komplett L: As of June 1st, we will provide customers subscribing to these packages with unlimited text messages and unlimited talk time - for the same price. (Applies to use in Norway. Special numbers are excluded.)

  • All Telenor Komplett Musikk subscribers will automatically receive a reduction in their monthly price as of June 1st. For NOK 50 less, we will give Komplett Musikk subscribers 500 minutes, 500 text messages, 1500MB data, and unlimited use of WiMP every month.

  • Telenor Komplett Kontroll M subscribers will receive a further 400 text messages as part of their package from June 1st. These customers will therefore be able to send up to 500 text messages per month for the same price as before. (Applies to use in Norway. Special numbers are excluded.)

  • Telenor FriPrat customers already have unlimited talk time. We are now moving these customers to the Telenor Komplett M+ subscription, so that they also receive unlimited text messages and up to 1500MB of data - without paying a penny more.

“This is splendid news for customers who already have these subscriptions,” said Telenor's Stein-Erik Vellan. “In addition, it provides other mobile users with yet another reason to choose Telenor. It's a joy to bring to the market subscription packages that are so rich in content and great for customers. At the same time, we're still at full throttle in the expansion of our network, so that we can continue to offer the best possible mobile network - whether that’s in terms of coverage, capacity, or speed. The levels of social activity among Norwegians is coming into full bloom now that the year is at its lightest, and summer 2013 is sure to be the season of the mobile phone. Given the happy news we’ve brought to customers, I would encourage all mobile users to consider whether their current subscription matches how they actually use their phone today.”

A photo of Mr. Stein Erik Vellan may be downloaded here.

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