Telenor Norway introduces maximum prices for mobile surfing abroad

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In a market exclusive, Telenor is introducing a maximum price on mobile surfing in EU/EEA countries as well as in the most popular holiday destinations outside of the EU/EEA.
Approximately half of the population holiday abroad during the summer. Around 70 per cent of Telenor's customers have a smartphone and 30 per cent of us surf daily using our mobile phones. In addition, approximately 150,000 Telenor customers own a tablet computer. Many people want to surf more when they are travelling, but are afraid of running up large bills.

'We want to provide customers with more options and better control when they surf abroad. That's why we are cutting the prices in those places where people travel to most, and making it easier to keep track of prices and keep costs in check,' says Stein-Erik Vellan, divisional director for Mobile Market at Telenor Norway.

Norwegians' most popular destinations are Sweden, Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and the USA.

Alone in offering a maximum price in Europe

Last year, Telenor simplified its price range by introducing common prices for data usage abroad, whether it was via a tablet, PC, or mobile. At the same time, the company also reduced prices. Now the prices are being cut once again.

'Personal customers will now be able to surf for a maximum cost of NOK 29 per day within the EU/EEA simply by sending "Bestill Surf EU" [Order Surf EU] as a text message to 1999. With this service, customers will never pay more than NOK 29 per day across the entire EU/EEA,' says Stein-Erik Vellan. The pack includes 20MB per day, with the speed subsequently reduced.

Weekly pack in Europe

Telenor is also introducing a weekly package costing NOK 199, which includes 150MB of data. Customers will receive a message when they have used up 150MB and the price will revert to what it was before they ordered the weekly pack. Alternatively, customers may, if they wish, order a new weekly pack by sending another text message.

Maximum price in the USA, Thailand, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil and Russia

Telenor is also introducing something new outside of Europe and the EEA. From the middle of June customers will be able to order the service "Feriesurf utenfor EU/EØS" [Holiday Surf Outside of the EU/EEA] by text message and enjoy market-beating data costs in six of the most popular destinations outside of Europe. The maximum price per day is NOK 49 and applicable on mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

'These are the largest holiday destinations for Norwegians outside of Europe. We are therefore delighted that Telenor is now able to offer the best prices on the market for surfing in these countries,' says Stein-Erik Vellan.

Data packs for companies

Telenor's business customers will also now enjoy lower prices and greater predictability when abroad. The costs of mobile calls, text messages, multimedia messages, and data in the EU/EEA are all being cut. In addition, a new data pack called "Surf 200 EU/EØS" [Surf 200 EU/EEA] is being launched, which will provide Telenor's business customers with 200MB for just NOK 199.

The pack lasts for seven days after it is ordered and can be used regardless of whether the customer is surfing on their mobile, tablet, or PC. This additional service can easily be ordered by text message by sending "Bestill Surf 200 EU" [Order Surf 200 EU] to 1999.

Business customers can also enjoy lower data usage costs outside of Europe. With the additional service "Data utenfor EU/EØS" [Data outside of the EU/EEA], business customers can use up to 50MB of data for NOK 149 per day. The service is available in the most commonly visited countries of Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Russia, and Brazil, and can be easily ordered by text message by sending "Bestill data utland" [Order data utland] to 1999.

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