Telenor Mobil in new European "Mobile Alliance"

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Nine leading independent mobile operators today announced the formation of the Mobile Alliance to provide seamless, enhanced voice and data solutions for business and consumer customers across Europe. Amena (Spain), O2 (Germany, UK and Ireland), One (Austria), Pannon GSM (Hungary), sunrise (Switzerland), Telenor Mobil (Norway) and Wind (Italy) yesterday signed a formal agreement in Munich, Germany.

This new alliance will initially span the European territories of its members and reach more than 40 million subscribers. It aims to be quick to market with new, innovative cross-border products and services as well as co-operate on initiatives, including technology, sourcing and sales. As the alliance develops, it will expand to cover other key regions to further enhance the reach and 'home-away-from-home' experience of its customers, backed by the same simplicity, convenience and service quality to which they are accustomed.

Customers will benefit from progressively introduced services such as seamless GPRS and MMS connectivity across the members' networks, and simple access to home services such as voice-mail and customer service using familiar short-codes. In addition, the alliance members will roll-out a pre-paid top-up service, allowing customers to quickly and easily top-up their credit when travelling in member countries.

Corporate customers will benefit from the phased launch of highly competitive price plans and products, providing simple access to important services across the alliance footprint. Future service packages will be supported by a brand helping to guide the customer while travelling abroad.

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Amena is amember of Auna Group, the leading alternative telecom operator in Spain. Amena has more than 7.5 million customers and a market share of 21%. In the first two quarters of the year, Amena achieved 770,000 net adds, 42% of the market. Amena reported total revenues for year 2002 of 2.193 million euros. Amena is also leader in innovation being the first mobile operator in Spain to launch GPRS and MMS services, location-based and music services among others.

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mmO2 has 100% ownership of mobile network operators in three companies - the UK, Germany and Ireland - as well as leading mobile Internet portal business. All of these businesses are branded as O2. Additionally, the company has operations on the Isle of Man (Manx Telecom) and owns O2 Airwave - an advanced, digital emergency communications service.

mmO2 was the first company in the world to launch and rollout a commercial GPRS (or 2.5G) network and has secured third generation mobile telephony ("3G") licences in the UK, Ireland and Germany. mmO2 has 18.7 million customers and some 11,750 employees and reported revenues for the year ended 31 March 2003 of £4.874 billion. Data represented 18.2% of total service revenues in the 12 months ending 30 June 2003.

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In October 1998, the communications company, ONE, launched Austria's only nation-wide GSM-1800 mobile telephony network. Besides mobile telephony, ONE also offers the Internet product i-ONE and the fixed-line solution f-ONE. At the end of June 2003, ONE had about 1,400 employees and more than 1.6 million customers (1.37 million mobile, 145,000 fixed line and 150,000 Internet customers). Turnover in 2002 amounted to €619.7 million. ONE has a network covering 98% of the population. ONE is the only mobile telephony operator to offer GPRS and HSCSD (ONE High Speed) in Austria. To date, ONE has invested €1.65 billion; €99 million in 2002. ONE (ONE GmbH) is owned by the German E.ON (50.10%), Telenor in Norway (17.45%), Orange (17.45%) and TDC in Denmark (15%).

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Pannon GSM
The Hungarian number two operator Pannon GSM has been operating in the Hungarian mobile market since November 1993. As of 2001, Telenor Mobile became its sole share holder. As of Q2 2003, the number of employees is 1558, serving 2.715 million subscribers. Pannon GSM's network is accessible in 99 % of the territory in Hungary.

György Felkai
Director of Communications
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sunrise is the brand name of TDC Switzerland AG, the company resulting from the merger of the telecommunications companies diAx and sunrise. The TDC Group owns 100% of the share capital of TDC Switzerland AG. sunrise offers its customers state-of-the-art telecommunications services in the areas of mobile phone, fixed network and Internet. The sunrise mobile phone network has the most modern GSM dual band infrastructure in Switzerland, allowing it to provide mobile phone coverage of 98%. sunrise offers a high-quality, high-performance fibre- optic network with a total length of 7,000 kilometers - across Switzerland. sunrise employs around 2500 staff.

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Telenor Mobil
Telenor Mobil is the leading supplier of mobile services in Norway. The company offers services in three mobile networks, and holds a UMTS license in Norway. Telenor Mobil offers a broad spectrum of advanced mobile services, ranging from m-commerce solutions to multimedia services (MMS) and data services GPRS/HSCSD).

As of Q2 2003, Telenor Mobil has 2.3 million customers, equivalent to 58% of the Norwegian market. The mobile penetration in Norway is approximately 88%. By the end of Q2 2003, the company had GSM roaming agreements with 200 mobile operators in 106 countries. The number of employees as of June 30 is 1326.

Sigurd Sandvin
Head of Information
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WIND Telecomunicazioni SpA has instigated radical changes in the services on offer Italy and in the way it is marketed, with the aim of establishing new market standards: the integration of telephone services, the development of the Internet, a global response to the communications needs of people and businesses.

The Wind Group's brands focus on specific types of service: the "Wind" trademark is applied to mobile and convergent services, the "Infostrada" brand to fixed-line telephony, whilst "Libero" is the brand used for the Group's Internet services, and itNet supplies ad hoc Internet services and content for corporate customers. Wind was the first to launch MMS and the video over GPRS handsets.

WIND was the first in Italy to launch a trading on line service via WAP. New technologies such as WAP and GPRS, and the future i-modeTM and UMTS make a substantial contribution to the creation of new services and applications. Wind offers a particularly wide range of data transmission and Internet services, capable of satisfying the needs of all segments of the corporate market.

In February 2001, WIND became the first alternative operator of fixed-line telephony in Italy to provide access to local loop unbundling, offering the possibility to make fixed-line calls without the need to pay line rental. WIND was the first Italian operator, in May 2002, to launch Number Portability.

The Wind Group has chalked up other firsts: from its over 18,000 km of optical fiber backbone and 2,300 km of metropolitan area networks in over 30 cities, to Italy's leading portal with 600 million page views a month. The Company also boasts a widespread and innovative mobile network with about 6,000 base transmission stations. Overseas coverage is provided by numerous roaming agreements.

At June 30, 2003, Wind boasted a total of 30.6 million customers, including 7.5 million fixed-line customers (of which 3.3 million active), 9.2 million mobile users and 13,9 million Internet subscribers.

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