Telenor makes it cheaper to use mobile phones in Europe, roaming prices to be reduced by NOK 170 million

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By drastically cutting roaming prices Telenor makes it cheaper and more predictable for their Norwegian customers to use their mobile phones when travelling in Europe.

The cost of a call for private subscribers will be up to 50 per cent cheaper, while prices for business customers will be cut by up to 40 per cent. According to an estimate based on last year's traffic volumes the price cuts amount to approximately NOK 170 million.

"Norwegians travel a lot both for work and pleasure, and they want to use their mobile phones when they are away. Our aim is to make significant price reductions and simplify the pricing plans to make it more attractive to use mobile phones on holiday or when away on business in Europe," says Morten Karlsen Sørby, Executive Vice President and Head of Telenor's Nordic mobile and fixed-line operations.

When Telenor customers are travelling in Europe, they will be charged one price whether they make calls to Norway, to another country in Europe or locally within one of the European countries. In addition, the new price structure will be simpler, in that Telenor will operate with only two zones: the Nordic region and Europe.

The new offer comes after strong demand from customers who travel extensively and make frequent calls, especially in connection with work. Previously, Telenor only offered operator-independent pricing to private customers, but this will now be extended to also cover business customers, making it much simpler for them as well. This provides security and predictability as neither private nor business customers need to think about which mobile network they connect to when travelling in Europe.

The price reductions apply to business and private customers. The cost of a call for the business market will be cut by 20-40 per cent, and by 25-50 per cent for private subscriptions.

In parallel with these changes, Telenor is introducing a similar zone system (Nordic and Europe) for mobile data traffic where prices are being simplified and cut. The current price for business customers in the Nordic region is NOK 15 (excl. VAT) per Mb, while in Europe the price will be reduced to NOK 32 (excl. VAT) per Mb. For countries in Eastern Europe, this involves a price reduction of 60 per cent.

"Clearly we have the best data traffic prices for customers travelling abroad, and we are pushing forward by introducing the same zone system for data and voice prices," says Morten Karlsen Sørby.

Telenorhas agreements with operators in all European countries, which allows mobile subscriptions from Telenor to be used abroad. Using a foreign operator's network is called "roaming". The new prices, which come into effect 1 April this year, apply to all operators in all countries in Europe.

New prices, post paid customers
Calls from mobile phones in Europe

  • From one country in the Nordic region to another: NOK 3.59
  • From the Nordic region to other countries in Europe: NOK 6.99
  • From a European country outside the Nordic region to all countries in Europe (including the Nordic region): NOK 6.99

Start price: NOK 0.74

Billing interval: 1 sec.

Prices incl. VAT (Business customers: Same price excl. VAT)

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Anders Krokan, Head of Information at Telenor
(+47) 95209037,