Telenor launches Superbredbånd - major lift for broadband

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After great demand in recent times, Telenor is finally introducing Superbredbånd for sale from today. Low prices and high speed are the keywords for the launch. But, the scope is also significant - 400,000 households can get Superbredbånd from Telenor immediately, a number which will double within the year.
"Telenor will deliver the best solutions the market has to offer to the home, and we are keen for as many customers as possible to benefit from them. With today's launch we are hoping to meet out customers at home, literally speaking. The scene is now set for a proper lift in broadband-Norway," says Svein Henning Kirkeng, Director of Consumer Markets at Telenor.

Increasing need for bandwidth

With Superbredbånd Telenor is offering downloading speeds of up to 40 Mbit/s and uploading speeds of up to 10 Mbit/s, which is far faster than what the majority of people have right now. And all this via the existing network, without the inconvenience of digging and cabling.

"This means that we can provide a future-oriented product which meets the needs of private and business customers quickly, at a reasonable price and in environmentally friendly manner," says Kirkeng.

The family's need for bandwidth in the home is on the rise. A recent survey conducted on behalf of Telenor indicates that Norwegians are using the network more and more, and they are using increasingly heavier services, such as web-TV, streaming and movie downloads - and in addition, more households are using the network simultaneously.

Also relevant for businesses

For businesses too the use of Internet services is increasingly more advanced, and for both big and small businesses the bandwidth requirement is increasing. Be it Unified Communications, video conferencing, streaming or other business applications demanding bandwidth, Superbredbånd opens up new opportunities for companies.

TV is coming in with force

Telenor plans to start offering Superbredbånd customers a comprehensive TV solution during the course of this year.

"With TV over Superbredbånd the last piece will fall in place for a high-end and powerful TV product. Telenor will then offer Internet, TV and telephony in attractive packages, says Kirkeng.

And telephone too

At the same time as Telenor is launching Superbredbånd they are also introducing a powerful and competitive broadband and telephony package in one. A combined subscription featuring high-speed broadband and fixed telephony, FriBruk Fast, which includes 100 call minutes to mobile numbers is now being offered at what seems to be the cheapest price on the market.

Price information for private customers:

Price information for business customers: