Telenor launches Pakistani TV channel in Europe

Press release
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The Pakistani TV channel Prime TV will be commercially launched in Europe on May 29th 2000. The channel will be encrypted and is available for TV-viewers in Europe. Prime TV is part of the ColourSat concept, marketed by Telenor.
In addition to Prime TV, ColourSat also offers expat channels such as NRK International, DR 1, TV Finland and ORT International on the European market. The Russian TV channel ORT International was commercially and successfully launched in November 1999 and already has 4000 subscribers. The launch of Prime TV is part of ColourSats plan to expand the number of multi-cultural channels targeted towards the European market.

The new channel is transmitted by Telenors satellites at 1°W. To receive Prime TV directly via satellite the viewer has to have a satellite dish, a digital receiver and a subscription.

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«Prime TV will be one of ColourSats key channels and I am very pleased with the co-operation with Prime TV», says Kjell Løvbakken, Managing Director of ColourSat. «ColourSats visionary goal is to become the leading partner for dealer networks and distributors of ethnic and thematic infotainment in Europe»
Prime TV targets the around 2 million Pakistanis living in Europe and the multi-cultural groups from the Punjab and Bengali areas of India and Bangladesh. Prime TV is made available through an agreement between the satellite TV operator Telenor and Prime TV Limited.

Prime TV has exclusive rights to compile a multi-cultural channel from the current and archived programs, provided by national Pakistani TV, one of the most popular television channels in Pakistan. Prime TV provides selective and originally produced television entertainment designed to appeal to the interests of multi-cultural markets.

Prime TV is primarily a source of family entertainment - its punch line, says it all "Family Fun - Aur Apna Pun". Family and fun in your home. With 24-hour transmission, the channel sends popular Pakistani drama, documentaries, childrens programs, talk shows and variety shows, films and "update" news from Pakistan.