Telenor launches new store concept in Norway

Press release
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Norway's first two Telenor stores open in Sandvika and Storo today. The stores will provide ordinary people with a better understanding of how communication technology can make life easier.
"The idea behind the stores is to help people exploit the potential inherent in the products and services Telenor provides. The opportunities provided by telecommunications are currently so vast that many people are having trouble keeping up with them. We will demonstrate just how simple it can be," says Svein Henning Kirkeng, Private Markets Manager at Telenor in Norway.

In the Telenor stores in Norway people will be shown the possibilities that new technology can offer them in a simple and user-friendly way. This applies not only to mobile phones but also PCs, the Internet and fixed line telephony. In time, even TV services - on almost everything to do with screens - will become part of the Telenor store concept.

Best at service

The staff at the Telenor stores will go the extra mile to provide service, and people will feel that they are being taken care of.

"A great deal of the technology available at present is new and unfamiliar to many, and we know how frustrating it can be not to get the help you need and expect. This is the reason why service and competence are the most important cornerstones of the new Telenor stores. The customer must feel secure in the knowledge that complex home solutions will work optimally once they get home. We will care about the customer, even after the sale has been completed," says Kirkeng.


The stores will be among the most modern in Norway, and will have a 52-inch screen where customers can navigate their way inside a virtual home and learn more about the possibilities available for their homes in the form of Telenor products.

"We plan to establish a chain of stores in towns and urban areas. We will lead everyone safely into our world of solutions. This is why the stores are equipped with simple and entertaining guides to solutions that can create a smoother day," says Kirkeng.

The stores have a separate area for kids which makes them well-suited to families. The kids can play around with technology while the parents get to know the store.

20 stores in the course of 2012

Two stores will open today, one in Sandvika Storsenter in Bærum and one in Storo Storsenter in Oslo. This marks the start of building a chain of Telenor stores in Norway, hopefully Telenor has established 20 stores in the course of 2012.

The Telenor stores in Norway will be franchised. Kjedehuset AS has been selected as the operating partner; they currently also run Telekiosken, Mobildata and Nordialog based on the same model.

For further information please contact:

Anders Krokan, Information Manager at Telenor in Norway, (+47) 95209037