Telenor improves FriTid subscription plan

Press release
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(Fornebu, 28 September 2006) Telenor is cutting the price of its FriTid mobile subscription plan for those who use their mobiles frequently during evenings and at weekends.

With the FriTid mobile subscription plan customers pay a monthly charge, which allows them unlimited calls during evenings and weekends, without having to pay extra for this.

"Telenor is the only operator on the market to offer this kind of subscription plan. It means that for customers with a normal call pattern, roughly three out of every four domestic calls made during their leisure time will be free of charge with a FriTid subscription plan," says Jon Erik Haug, director of Consumer Mobile at Telenor.

The monthly charge for the FriTid subscription plan is being reduced from NOK 329 to NOK 299. Telenor is also doing away with the initial charge of 59 øre for calls, which means that it will not cost a single penny to make calls between 6pm and 7am on weekdays and all weekend from 6pm on Fridays until 7am on Monday morning.

With FriTid, calls cost just 49 øre per minute during the day for fixed and mobile subscription plans.

Calls to other mobile networks will cost 99 øre per minute all day long, with special numbers and calls abroad being charged at normal rates.

All mobile subscribers using Telenor's network are eligible for these free calls, as well as all fixed-line customers in Norway.

"This subscription plan is particularly attractive to anyone who frequently makes calls during their spare time, as well as for people who don't have a fixed telephone. With free calls on offer, it may also be worthwhile for many people just to use a mobile, even if they generally only make calls from home," continues Jon Erik Haug.

Telenor is running a FriTid subscription campaign in October: if you buy a new mobile phone with a 12-month FriTid subscription contract Telenor will pay the monthly charge until the end of this year. This offer is available from all Telenor dealers and for mobile phones purchased via Telenor's website.

For further information, contact:

Anders Krokan, Head of Information at Telenor
tel. no.: +4795209037,